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28 October 2014

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Maria Fowler
Maria Fowler

Cover girl Maria

By Gavin Bevis
Mickleover model Maria Fowler recently made her cover girl debut on the front of Max Power magazine. We find out how things have been going for the Derby beauty.

So what have you been up to since we last spoke to you?

Quite a lot actually! I'm on the front of Max Power this month and in a feature in an Australian weekly magazine called The People. I'm appearing on one of their covers soon as well.

But the feature's quite nice - I'm dressed in lingerie!

Last time we spoke to you, you were heading off for a Page 3 test shoot. How's that coming along?

It hasn't yet. I've been focusing more on the magazines, building up a reputation with them. But I've been talking to my agency about going down and doing some more test shoots so maybe soon.

Are you finding the industry a bit of a headache then?

No! I'm enjoying it. I enjoy doing the magazines and working with some good people. I did another shoot for Max Power yesterday and it's going really well.

Are you based in London?

audio Maria talks to BBC Radio Derby's Andy Whittaker >
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No I'm based round here but I've got to know a lot of the girls in the industry so I'm welcome to stop at their place if I'm doing a two-day shoot.

Have you got any famous friends now?

I've got to know a few of the Page 3 girls. Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh are both really nice. Jakki Degg too.

Is modelling a bitchy industry to be involved with?

No it's not. Fashion is more bitchy apparently. The girls that do act like that are the ones who aren't getting any work so it's just jealousy and bitterness. Everyone else tends to be very professional.

So what bits don't you enjoy about modelling?

Maria Fowler
Maria in modelling mode

The waiting around. I'm not too fond of the travelling up and down to London.

But you've done some work abroad haven't you?

Yes I went to Cyprus and that was nice. We got some nice beach pictures with a guy call Jens which will hopefully be going in a magazine called Ice.

Did you get much time to let your hair down as well?

Yeah. We were in a Villa worth £2m and it was gorgeous. It had one of those infinity pools and I was with four other girls so you could go in that while other girls were in a shoot. It was great!

Do you come into contact with many celebs through your modelling?

You see the same faces when you go out in London. Callum Best, Dean Gaffney - all that lot.

Have any of them tried it on with you?

No comment!

Are you still going out with your boyfriend?

Yeah we've just bought a house so I'll be moving in with him soon. We're hoping to be in by Christmas. Only thing is, being a model makes it difficult to get a mortgage because you're classed as self-employed.

How does he cope with you being away so much?

Oh he's alright. We just text each other - I spend all my credit on him!

What about a shoot where you had to pose with another guy?

Well I wouldn't want to do anything sleazy but if it was something like Calvin Klein then I don't think he'd be bothered as long as it was well paid.

It doesn't tend to happen though because with the lads mags, men don't really want to see you getting close to another man!

How's your website going?

It's going well. I've got 700 members on the forum - a lot of local people.

Do you get scared at the thought of so many people focusing on you?

Nah they're all really nice. If anyone gets weird they get banned.

Have you had any stalkers?

I've had a few funny emails and people saying they've seen me in Derby but nothing I can't handle.

Do you get much trouble from women?

Yes actually. You find out who your friends are!

Do you go out in Derby?

I do but it's a bit rubbish at the moment. I'm not actually that fond of going out these days - I'm only 19 and I've grown out of it already!

My mates all go to Scream but I think it's crap - I actually prefer the bars. I'll probably be barred now.

When we last spoke to you, you were a regular in Zoo Weekly's 'Terrace Talent' feature. Do you still do all that stuff?

Yeah I used to be so excited even though it was only a postage-stamp sized photo and I wasn't even paid!

Luckily things have moved on a bit since then and I've had a couple of full pages and been used on posters.

Are you contracted to the magazine then?

No but I do give my loyalty to Zoo because they helped me get started.

What do you do with your spare time?

Not much - I'm really boring! I watch a lot of films - I think me and Neil have seen every film in the video shop! We just sit in and eat!

You seem to be getting quite a bit of work. Are you loaded now?

No - far from it! When it pays, the money's good - you can get from £200 to £400 for a shoot so with two or three a month you'll be earning about as much as if you had a full-time job.

Who do you aspire to?

There's no-one I really look up to anymore because everyone's different. I like the way Jordan has got herself out there and is more of a personality now. I can't remember the last time she did a shoot.

Are there any more up-and-coming Derby models then?

No! I'm the only one ha ha! Well there are a few models coming up but none that have been published.

So tell us some things people might not realise about the modelling industry.

It's not sleazy and it's not seedy. It doesn't mean you're a slapper and the photographers are the most professional people you could meet. The ones I work with are so used to doing it, they're more interested in the lighting than in the model.

Have you decided on a name now? Last time we talked to you, you were calling yourself Brooke Silvers!

Yes that's my old name - it was horrible. Now I'm just Maria Fowler. I called my website 'Maria Fan Club' because for a while I wasn't using my full name but now I am.

Since we last talked to you, you've done topless modelling for the first time. Was it embarassing when your family saw the pictures?

No not at all. They know it's professional and they're all proud of me.

Also it means you can do more work. I can only really think of one model who's made it without doing any topless work and that's Lucy Pinder - but even she's moving that way now.

So if we interview you in another 12 months, what do you hope to have achieved?

Just more magazines and building on what I've done to become more well known.

There are models who've been working for seven/eight years and haven't made it onto any front covers so I'm quite proud of what I've achieved and I hope it can continue.

Interview by Gavin Bevis

last updated: 17/11/05
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how do you loojk good on all your phots? where did you start and at what age? im 14 and i would love to model! but im a little short..=(. wb plz xo

thanks for the comments x


hey mariah i seen u at waynes 21st b day. u look fine. dj
dj ( wayne dicksons mate)

Aww thanks Maria. Must agree about the Britney resemblance on my write up, The photo thats been put up isnt the one of me as Britney, I agree i look nothing like her in there. Congrats on the mag cover! What an achievement! keep it up, no-one can bring ya down hun! ;) xx
Michaela Weeks

well well well - maria lovin the pics....glad your makin a name for yourself love
gav b

Hi Mark- i was going to do soccer am- something id consider if i get more time

hey maria, how about goin on soccer am, get the dcfc in there, you'd look great.

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