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24 September 2014

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Come On You Rams

Ted recovers from his operation
Ted recovers from his operation

Ted faces second op

Former Derby County midfielder Ted McMinn talks about life since having his foot amputated - and his decision to have more of his leg removed.

Four weeks ago, former Rams winger and Radio Derby summariser Ted McMinn had most of his right foot amputated after contracting a mystery infection.

Now the 42-year-old Scot has opted to have more of his leg removed in a bid to gain more mobility and independence with a prosthetic limb.

Ted says he wants to have the operation as soon as possible and aims to be walking without the aid of crutches within a year.

He explained: "When I had the first operation, I'd expected more of my leg to be gone - so to have so much of it left felt like Christmas had come early.

"But with half a foot, you can't get that spring when you're walking and so I'd never be able to walk without crutches.

"I sat with a surgeon and he told me I'd never have a good quality of life with what I had left.

"At first I felt like I couldn't go through another operation but then I thought that for six/seven weeks of pain, it would be worth it to have my life back to 90 per cent.

"So today I'm going to see the specialist to hopefully get a date when he's going to remove the rest of my leg up to just below the knee.

"Rather than being housebound, I'd be able to play golf again and walk up the stairs at Pride Park.

"It is quite bizarre because I'm losing a good part of my leg but at the moment it's no good to me because I can't put any weight on it without the use of crutches."

Since leaving hospital, Ted has been well cared for by family and friends but he admits spending so much time stuck in his flat has been a pain.

He said: "From 9am to 5pm I have friends coming round which is nice as they can make you a cup of coffee - because even doing that is a major chore now.

"If I make it myself I can't bring it through so I have to drink it in the kitchen - it's the same with breakfast cereal.

"It's these small simple things that disappoint because I've always been totally independent. You just don't realise how much of a luxury it is to have two feet.

"Friends will say 'come to the golf' and 'come fishing' but with this flat it's four flights of stairs up and that's hard work on your arms.

"But I'd rather be stuck here than stuck in a hospital."

Ted and his wife Marian are now looking round for a house more suited to his needs than their current fourth-floor flat in Aston-on-Trent.

He said: "Hopefully we'll stay in the village because it's beautiful and we've got lots of friends here.

"It's disappointing when you have to choose where to live and what sort of house you have to live but there's not a lot you can do about it."

And one piece of good news for Ted is that the infection seems to have gone now.

He explained: "The infection is gone and the blood's going back to normal. It's not a very nice scar but at the end of the day, the surgeons aren't there to make nice wee little bows!"

And Ted remains philosophical about the problems he's faced.

He said: "When you've been active and played football all your life, you think 'why me?' but of course there are always people worse off than you.

"But it's happened now and the thing I've got to look forward to is being able to walk without crutches in a year's time."

A representative sample of comments received

today i have been informed of the same situation that you are currently going through and the same decesions are before me, i do not know of what is availible in terms of prostheics and am having a hard time researching online as to my procedures a concern is chopsticking tibia and fibia there is a bridging procedure to be done during the amputation that helps for that but being a very active independent person the type of prosthetics is most of my concerns living in hawaii and being an avid waterman i may hope you may be able to help me in my search? good luck to you!! i do think you have made the same decesion i have and will enhance your current situationJD

Good luck with everything.Jason (Just A Fan)

I'm in shock to find out just now whats happened to Ted.We had a lot of laughs when we played together.I wish him a speedy recovery,I'm not shocked to hear that Ted is still looking on the bright side of things, that was always the way he was.All the best CallyNigel Callaghan

all the best ted went to your betfit match today(monday 1st may) it was great.i suppose it couldn't of been much better for you with it of being 3-3 and big names in the match. anyways good luck with your leg all the best daledale

Ted, watched you at all the Ibrox games, can't add anything that has hasn't been said on this board before, but you made my Saturday afternoon many many times. You can deal with this setback, because thousands of people are right behind you! All the best! p.s. Thanks to all the Celtic Bhoys for the good words, as well as the Rams, respect!Bill Wallace, Singapore

BRUM FAN : good luck ted , all the best from those at BCFC , as the song says KEEP RIGHT ONgreg carter

All the very best Ted..You will be able to overcome this, My father in Law did..Lost his leg but it didnt stop him ging out for a drink. Thanks for the memories.A Legend wherever you played...Charlie Jones..

Some of today's players could do with an infusion of your spirit and guts...All the best Ted.Howard-Newthorpe

Ted, i played against you in the ashbourne summer leauge, when you played for hulland, i was in awe of you that night just as i was when i watched you play for the rams, your a true gent mate,all the best and good luck for the future.andy startin

I now live in Hull but I will certainly be going across to Derby to show my appreciation, he gave is all for Rangers, Coop on one wing, the tin man on the other, fantasticRobert Glen

All the best Ted. Can't forget the Old Firm match at Ibrox when u had Derek White on toast! Kicked the ball round him one side, then ran round him the other side & carried on ur run down the right wing (in front of Main Stand). He was dizzy just trying to keep up! Absolute legendary. Will be there for Testimonial.GP

Ted you were such an entertainer for the GERS and you made me a Derby fan too. I cant wait till May 1st to follow follow the throng to Derby!Jamie, East Kilbride

No suurender Ted You a rangers legendTeejay

Only just found out about the hardship you've been thru,whilst you were at Chester and stopping in the area you were a real gent,a proper mans man,Good luck,See you in The Ship !Parkgate friend

When i was at school in Glasgow in the early 80s our Rangers team was nt very good, we had the late, Davie Cooper, then big ted appeared what a player, what a guy, i have fond memories of you, you are Brillant, thanks for all the days you gave me.Robert McAllister

Good luck Ted,from Sevilla. You are a legend in our centenary Club. Best wishesGabi Sevilla FC

Good luck ted,from Seville I remenber when you play in my team Sevilla FC and you last math in Betis Stadium.I have in video recorder and when you go in clothes scodland in April Feria.All the bestJose Manuel (Seville)

Take care and look after yourself. You are always in all of our thoughts. Gutted to hear your news. We are all still here at the bar come and have a 'bud' with us next time you are at the TurfPlayer Bar, Burnley Football Club

your no tin man,more a man of steel.stay strong.roy

Good luck Ted. I have come through a Cancer scare and know what it's like when life sucks. Best wishes and good luck.Ian Neal

rangers season ticket holder ted mcminn was a fantastic asset while at ibrox and i wish him all thr best for the future coming down to derby for the testimonialcliff muir

The Tin Man, a GENUINE Rams legend. Will you be getting a tin leg? Good luck for the op!! We luv U!!Jane & Yan, Ripley

All the best Ted....I'm a Burnley who loved watching you play for us in the early nineties even if it was just for a couple of seasons. Best wishes for you and your family.Michael Strutt

Ted, You truly are a legend. You signed your autograph for me at Derby Station a couple of years ago. Stay strong Tin Man!!STEPHEN WEIGHTMAN

Hi Ted, When I was growing up in Hamilton in our street you were legend and all the boys said I looked like you and to this day I still get called the tin man by all my old mates. Best wishes to you and your family.Scott Mckechnie

I would just like to thank Ted fpr all the wonderful times I had seen him at Derby. Get well soon Ted From Tommy Pinder in LancasterTommy Pinder

Ted, we watched you in awe from the pop' side as you tricked your way down the wing. Now you entertain us on radio Derby. Keep your chin up Tinman, all the best.Dave Webster, Ilkeston

I'm gutted to hear this... While I'm a Celtic Supporter I remember your trickery...I always dreaded Old Firm games when you were in the wishesDino

Good Luck Ted and keep your spirits high. I'm a Celtic fan but remember the great games you had as a Rangers player. All the best big man!Paul Kennedy

Hi Ted, always enjoyed watching you play football and also enjoyed playing a few games of cricket with you at Marchington CC when I was a young lad. Best wishes and good luck on the recovery. MattMatt Bonsall

you were a derby legend ted, i had your name and number on my shirt as a teenager!! Good luck with the 2nd op & hope to hear a lot more of you on radio derby!! Chin Up TIN MAN!!!mike - gresley ram

Hi ted, you have probebly heard all the sorries , one of the lads in work told me and i know if there is one bloke that can overcome this setback it,s ted mac i would just like to say thanks for some great memories ted when you came and played for our little football you where the best thing to of ever happened to joondalup soccer club, take ted remember if you ever come back please look me up and i will buy you a pint, see you mate,best wishes to your family aswell, mickey peden.mickey peden west australia

Hi ted, You've got the right atitude and I'm sure you're going to cope fine. I'm also an amputee, left leg below the knee and my situation is quite simalar to yours, I had a through foot amputation and then opted three years on to have a below knee amputation. It's now up to you, I'm back doing distance running and I have no doubt that you will get back to your golf. Regards, Wallace.Wallace Currie

Best wishes for a good recovery. Lots of great memories from the 'Late 80's early 90's' period.What a loyal servant to the Rams and a vital part of that 88-89 team that finished fifth in the top division- our highest place sinc 76'.Mark Parry

Ted, Sorry to hear of your troubles but you have faced bigger and overcome them. thanks for the memories from DHSFP'S when you turned up as skinny 15 year old to our celebrations after winning the League Cup with Rangers. Great times Ted. Remember we are all thinking of you and know you will make a speedy recovery.Kenny Clark

i was in the same postion as Ted i caught MRSA in my foot after years of agony i decided to get my right leg amputated below the knee it takes time to get used to the false limb but you get there in the end 1 was 37 when i got my leg amputated so all the best Ted if you ever need to talk when you are feeling down send me a e/mail.BIG GAZ

Ted, I hope that your second op goes OK. As a golfer I can understand why yourk een to get that leg sorted and get back on the course. Keep slagging off the Forrset on the Radio it cheers me up when the Rams are not doing so well. Come on Phil turn it around!! Mark Rheindalen, GermanyMark Henderson

Best of luck Ted, one of my all-time footballing heroes and one of the last great entertainers in a Derby shirt. DERBY + RANGERS FOREVERTess, Littleover

Sorry to hear about this big man.You were a joy to watch and always worth the entry fee alone.I wish you all the best for the future.Allan Boyd

Big Tin Ted McMinn, Always in the Hearts of the Ibrox Faithful.. Hope you get better soon pal. No SurrenderFrazer, A Loyal Rangers Fan

Best of luck ted from a Falkirk Fan. I your prime i don,t think even you what was going to happen next with the ball,Chin up big guy.Keith young

Good luck Ted All the bestAndrew Harby

Sorry to hear your news Tinman,your trickery was a joy to watch for me and my friendsrod-gravesend

Ted McMinn. What a player. Sad to hear of your leg problems. I hope it all goes well for you. Suky, West Bromwich.Suky

Wishing you a speedy recovery.Alan Flintoff

I'll never forget the 4-4 game vs celtic Ted, you were a great entertainer on the pitch. Injury was the only thing that prevented a scotland call up.Iain Breslin, San Diego RSC

Good luck Tin Man. You're fondly remembered here at Birmingham City.Neil

You will recall hopefully happy times when I taught you at St Ninian's Primary School in Dumfries. Our football team had many triumphs but none bigger than the courage and fortitude which you are now displaying. You are very much in my thoughts. Rob Bodell, Dumfries ,ScotlandRob Bodell

Ted was a brave player with a big heart, and that courage is still inspirational today.david beard, derby


I will never forget your first goal for Derby County, Thankyou. Best of luck with the operationRob Smith, Montreal Canada

I was a big fan when u were at rangers. take care and good luck with your recovery. i am sure every rangers fan wishes you all the best!!!!mark robinson

best wishes as with all other contributors, you brought something now missing at Palmerston..................ENTERTAINMENT...!!,.keep the chin up mate thoughts are with youGrant Sharkey

Ted, Many happy memories of you in a Queens jersey. Recently decribed a lad I was watching as a cross between Frank McGarvey and Ted McMinn. No offence but you'll know exactly what I mean. A pleasure to have seen your early days. Kindest RegardsDerek


A Royal Marine lost his leg not so long ago in a landmine explosion. He had a prosthetic lower leg fitted has since passed the Commando Course. It's a difficult decision but you're doing the right thing for your quality of life. Good luck.Stu

Even on one leg queen of the South could do with you now big man! All the best!David Henderson

Keep your head up Ted.Callum Watson

All the best Ted. You're still fondly remembered at Palmerston Park.True Blue Doonhamer

Good luck Tinman, a true Queens legend.MB

All the very best for your recovery Ted. Hope you get back to the golf soon. (and forget the stairs at Pride Park. Get yourself back to Palmerston!!)The Kelton Whippet, Queens Fan

Ted was the only player at Palmerston who could take a corner and then be in the box to head it as well - what a performer - all the best of luckStevie the Queens Fan

I remember well Ted playing for Rangers. I was sad to hear what Ted has gone through. I and many other Celtic supporters wish him well. Good luckMartin McGowan

Good luck Ted from a Queens fan, where it all started for you so many great perfomances,our best player everJohn

ted i wish you all the best and my thoughts are with you as this must be an extremely hard time in your life. get well soon mate we look forward to seeing you back at pride park!laura

All the best Ted, You are a true great!Dave, Cheshire

Ted, sorry to hear your news. All the best for the future... Would be great if we could arrange a testimonial between Rangers and Derby for you. You'll always have a place in the hearts of Rangers supporters.Alex

used to pick u up for fairdeal taxi as a hire hope everything goes well in u r op good luck all the bestgerry stelmaszuk

Good luck ted, an absolute legend at Burnley amongst the other clubs you played for and entertained. Still have memories of all the times you wound up the opposition and officials, and also of the times you ran rings round the opposing full backs. All the best, and hope to see you at Turf Moor again.James McDonough

good luck ted from a celtic fanpaul mcbride

all the best TIN MANPaul Thornewill

You are a very brave man Ted. Very best wishes for the next challenge you are facing! xxGeraldine

Ted played for us in Australia a few years ago at Joondalup, great player for us, nice guy as well, keep your chin up Ted, and all the best from down under.Tom McCrisken

Good luck with the operation Ted,a 90 per cent mobile Tin Man would get in the first team at Pride Park!Andy Smith

we all love ya ted, ur a legend!! not only on the pitch but on the microphone too. keep smiling ted and as the great cloughy said "be good"fez from horsley woodhouse

Even with a false leg Tin Man could still shine in the current Rams squad. Keep smiling Ted, get well soon.Micky Sheehan

Ted- all the best. A hero of the right wing! :DElliot Marsh

True legend-All the bestrob

Ted - you are very brave. All the very best to you and Marian.Dawn from Littleover

All the best TedBooby Cannon

I remember when Ted lit up the park at Rangers. All the best Ted hope everything goes well for you.Allan Shaw, Florida

Best of luck Ted! Keep smiling.Mick From Derby

best of luck with it all Tin man!Andrew Warwick, Marlow, Bucks

My grandma lost half her leg to diabetes,she was mobile though so i'm sure its the right decision big man.Approach it like you approached the game 'full on'Best wishes once again to a true derby great....good luck ted....andy h ripley

Ted We are all thinking about you at your old job in Toyota. keep smiling and laughing like you did with us at work, we all miss youneal jones assembly 1 maint toyota

Come and have a game of golf with me when you're fit Ted. Horsley Lodge member and avid fan of Ted in his hey dayAlan Tagg

Ted, its a tough decision you have had to make,too have a second operation, but i think its the right one, good luck to you and your wife.Tim Carr

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