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28 October 2014

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Derby County FC

George Burley
George Burley

Burley quits

Derby County's manager, George Burley, has resigned saying he'd been let down by the club's board and his position had become 'untenable'. You can have your say at the bottom of this page.

The former Derby County manager, George Burley, has been explaining the reasoning behind his resignation this morning.

Speaking to BBC Radio Derby, Burley said he resigned from his position because he had been let down by the club's board. 

Burley claims there was - what he called - an on-going issue which proved impossible to resolve, widely understood to be his worsening relationship with the club's Director of Football, Murdo Mackay. 

Use the links on the right to hear George Burley talking about his resignation to BBC Radio Derby's Ross Fletcher and chief executive Jeremy Keith Talking to BBC Radio Derby's Colin Gibson

Burley said the Rams chief executive, Jeremy Keith, had apologised to him over the board's failure to act on the situation.

Burley said last month he was considering his position, following allegations about his conduct. 

The club denied they had begun an internal investigation, but Burley remained unsettled. 

It was widely suggested he had an uneasy working relationship with Director of Football Murdo Mackay, who himself had offered to resign this morning. 

Burley, who guided Derby to a fourth place finish in the Championship this season, says he hopes the club can 'continue to build upon the considerable progress which the team has achieved over the last two seasons.'

Goalkeeper Lee Camp told BBC Radio Derby that the news had come as a huge shock and that it was a "sad, sad day for Derby County."

Meanwhile, Derby County have released a statement from the club's chairman John Sleightholme:

Derby County Chairman John Sleightholme
Derby County Chairman John Sleightholme

"It is with reluctance and regret that we note George Burley's decision 'not to continue as manager'.

"He has managed the team with the result of great on-field progress for which he deserves credit.

"George raised a specific concern with the board, the board had a meeting and complied with George's request and he agreed to continue as manager. However, since that meeting only a number of days ago, George now feels he cannot continue as manager.

"We asked if there was anything we could do to change his mind and he said there was no solution possible.

"George and his representatives have made it clear that his decision is final.

"I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the board to thank George for his considerable contribution to Derby County.

"The board, having satisfied George's requests, are disappointed that he has not made clear his real reasons for leaving."

last updated: 07/06/05
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i am a hearts supporter,interesting to read the circumstances of burleys departure from Derby,very similar to his departure from hearts.brilliant start to season ,top of the league and yet he walks away,too much of a coincidence i think.Any derby fans with a view on this?
alan o`hare Edinburgh

Delighted he left - five points clear come on the Hearts
AG Edinburgh

I'm delighted he left,as hearts are reaping the benefits,top of the scottish premier league after 5 games,winning every game so far.Now I understand why the derby fans were upset. Sorry derby,your loss is our gain I'm afraid

thank you so much George for everything you did for Derby County Football Club, you are a great manager who i fear hasnt completed everything he wanted to at the club. Brian Clough is the best manager to ever be in charge at Derby County, but you are up there close behind him. thank you for giving Derby fans some bleief and pride back, you changed the club and fans, Thank You!

im 11 years old and i think you should stayat derby give it one more season sea what happens please other wise wer going down
kurtis morgan

really still feel sad burley gone good manager what more can you say about the bloke. get gary johnson from yeovil in

THANX A LOT!! once again when the pride of the midlands ges somewhere the board once again screw everythin up!! Brian Clough was the GREATEST manager Derby County ever had( and the most knowledgable man in football) but it tell u wat George Burley is certainatly up there!!!! thanx KEITH MACKAY SLEIGHTHOME!!!
dan no1 fan!!

WE NEED BILLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
james for the 7th time

lets put pressure on the board to get Billy Davies because if we dont he will stay at preston please get BILLY!!!!!!!!!!

Billy will stay put if he has any sense.
Luke (Pain of the North West)

I don't know the Derby board and I don'treally care about them but something very fishy is going on here and much as I think GB has done a fantastic job at getting us up within a sniff of the premiership again, I'm really suspicious he's doing the dirty on us now he didn't quite make it - he's got an offer in his paw as sure as eggs are eggs. So here we go again... Rammo, London
Rammo, London

Keep your hands off our Billy. Why not try a certain Craig Brown?
Matt Allen, CSC

We need billy davies.I hope the board apoint him.Plus if davies comes eddie lewis will come because he is out of contract and he might want to come with billy.WE NEED BILLY DAVIES!!!!!!!!!!
james harrison from south normanton

at the end of this season everything looked up- forest in league 1, derby finishing 4th, top players signing new contracts and leeds finishing in the bottom half of the table!!!! christmas appeared to have come early. I was disappointed when gb left as i felt the team was becoming settled. Now the team has changed completely- reich, taylor, junior etc leaving and gb. yes the players were unerperforming and deserved to leave but now we have a team to rebuild and a new manager to find!!!! I remember that about a week ago apparently the problems were sorted but now George can't work there. If the board had any care for the club or the fans they would go!!! There's nothing we can do about GB now but everyone get behind the new manager and team and roar on the rams!!!!!
still h8 forest

i just wanted to say that i cant believe what burley has done and left derby like that. But Thanxs burley for what you have done at this club XXX

Well what can I say other than I know - yes were in league one... but lets me honest, you will be there next season. George Burley leaving you lot has made my season - with the only other smile of my season occuring when Raziak missed that penalty in the playoffs and cried for the last 15 minutes of the game. Relegations hard - we know! - but we'll provide you lots of comfort next season - honest!. Cherrio cherrio
Trent Ender Nottingham

Burley was a good manager to us and saved us from relagation but his squad selection was sometimes a joke. who in the right mind would have let taylor carry on for another season let alone give him the armband. it's time for a change as long as we can keep the key players and bring in some has any one thought of nicky forster. every one is slaughtering the board has knowone thought that it could have been more to do with burley than the club

Come on George. I and the other 15000 season ticket renewals, deserve to know the real truth behind your resignation. If the board have addressed all of your issues, your reasons for leaving don't make any sense. If these issues have not been addressed, then the board should come clean. After a remarkable season, and the introduction of such new talent, are we about to emulate the past and throw it all away?
Denis Hallam High Peak

Its sad to see a great manager leave, especially without a proper reason. However, we need to concentrate on attracting a new manager. I don't know much about what makes a good manager, but as long as we get an intelligent and charismatic person in charge, we can push all the way to the premiership next season. COME ON YOU RAMS!

It's dissaponiing to see Burley go but the next manager we should have is David Penney from Doncaster Rovers
john spritter

What a way to run a football club. It really makes you wonder if any of the current board have the footballing interests of the club at heart. Sorry to see you go GB I think you have done a fantastic job, and I wish you all the best where ever you end up (apart from Forest !!)

Its very dissapointing Burley has gone. For the first time in a good few years we have had a settled team and management, but now this is going to be disrupted in some way. Im not one to completely criticise the board because at the end of the day we dont really know what is going on, but that is a different story all together. I do feel they are not backing the club enough though. They should have fought more to keep burley and i expect to see additions to the squad not sales this season. The next management appointment is now critical. Lets hope they get it right. After Billy davis i dont really think there is anybody else out there. I would like to see someone with derby at heart if we cant get billy davis. Why not IGOR STIMAC i think he could keep the spirit going.Up the rams and. . . . . . IGOR! IGOR! IGOR! IGOR!
Paul, Derby

Gobsmacked.After a wonderful season when Derby County returned to their rightful place at the top of the Championship and with George Burley and his team playing some brilliant football.It all looked so good for next season,butnow we have lost THE manager who could have got us back to the Premiership.Sorry to see George go and wish him all the best.Hope The Rams can recover from this set back.Good luck to whoever takes over-they will need it with that board!!!!
Garry,New Zealand

Very shocked, but people dont just walk out with out having somthinhg better up there sleeve, take Harry Rednapp as the best example.Managers excpect loyalty from their players who have contracts with the club so wheres your loyalty George?

It is very sad that goerge burley wont be manager of Derby next season I worry now that some of our good player might go now like raziak ideakez and smith
John Derby

billy davies is our man for the job.all you super rams fans lets get behind the team COME ON U RAMS!!!!!!
james harrison from south normanton

I am very dissapointed, to say the least, that George Burley has left the club, especially at a time as important as this. As people have already said here, we were just getting somewhere and now it looks like we'll struggle next season. Burley was a fantastic manager, and his achievements at Derby were outstanding. But, I'm also getting tired of people moaning about season tickets. I think it's a disgrace that people want refunds just because we might not do as well without Burley next season (I know some people say it's because they don't want the directors to get any of their money, which I can understand in light of these recent events, but most people I know of have specifically said that they won't renew their tickets because we're not as strong without Burley). We need to get behind the club, not necessarily the directors if you're against them, at a time like this. Why are people turning their backs on their team like glory supporters just because we don't have our great manager any more? I've been to every single Derby home game over the past 7 years (ever since I took an interest in football), yes, including those games when the appalling John Gregory was in charge. The team needs our support, just as it did then. We must not turn away from the club, just as so many did then. Don't give up hope yet.
Loyal Ram

we need billy davies he's got preston from relegation to promotion in half a season and if he comes he could bring some preston player like nuggent
james again

Sad to see George Leave, don't think anyone else would have been able to get us to the playoff's!! Perhaps the Board could get Billy Smart in. At least he has experience in running a circus!!!
Alvin, Upper Heyford Oxfordshire

Once again this club is a laughing stock. What kind of board allows a manager of GBs pedigree to walk away.Whatever the problem,they should have tried harder to resolve it.After such an excellent season it's back to square one!
Les, Nottingham

I am a Ram and will be long after Keith, Slieghtholme and Burley. To quote the big man 'If ya Loyal ya Loyal.' His biggest regret in football - not finishing the job at Derby. In life you get these problems. Albeit late the board did react. They are not totally to blame.... As the dust settles I have to say I am more angry with Burley...His interviews sounded so patronising....He walked away. Not very professional is it. Funny how we are prepared to believe him and not the board. Remember this....Derby were withing hours of going out of business until the present board stepped in. Yes I am angry ... as I say more with Burley. Always had a suspicion about his true loyalty to Derby. If he don't want to stay......and as it appears the board and MM are prepared to do anything to let him stay then in the long run we are better off without him. Bring on the next one....someone call Davis who is as I understand is a friend of MM...Funny thing football.
Phil - Again

Eeven though I am a Forest fan I am sorry to hear that George Burley has left Derby. He proved he was a good Manager at Ipswich and carried on by turning the fortune of Derby around. Once again something has upset the apple cart to make Burley leave. It will be very disappointing if another East Midlands club hits the rot and everytime we hear only news of doom and gloom. It's about time the boards and directors of the clubs in the East Midlands pulled their socks up and they get back to winning some silverware and try to keep their clubs, GOOD managers and players together rather than hitting self-destruct every 18 months!

Why do Derby fans think that some mug is going to appear from nowhere and pump lots of money into the club for no return. The board are doing a good job trying to stop the club from going bankrupt and disappearing for ever. We are now and will be for a good few years a selling club, our only assets are players and our only way of generating income is to sell them, how else are this board going to clear the debt created by the last? Burley must of known that so how can he site selling Huddlestone as one of his reasons? I'm a Derby fan and I back Derby not Burley, he's now the history and we should be looking to future if we get a good manger from the lower leagues like Simpson or Wright then we'll be challenging up there again.
Andy, Derby

This whole issue stinks. I know George has done a great job while he's been at the club but I also think there may be some ulterior motive for him leaving now. He is probably at his highest managerial profile level since he took Ipswich into Europe and is probably itching to have a cnother crack at managing another Premiership club, if The Rams had been promoted he'd probably stay but he would be in a no win situation next year as he would be expected to emulate what he achieved last season with, yet again, no money to spend and that would be nigh on impossible to achieve. Whoever comes in next will have a very difficult act to follow but I think Mr. Burley will be back on the managerial merry-go-round sooner than you may think.
Ray, Chellaston

The two professions that in kindest terms are most economical with the truth are politicians and anyone to do with football. George Burley has obviously found himself a better job giving doubtful reasons for leaving and as for the Derby board they have been given the opportunity to shed two high wage earners probably to be replaced by lesser earners on their terms
dave wirksworth

Well George you did a good job but have walked out on us at the key moment! How can the board be blamed if they've done everything thats been asked of them. Sounds like GB's been tapped up by another club, I imagine he'll be in a premiership job in the next few weeks. We were merely a stepping stone for him. The big question is who next? Theirs no decent managers out of work and we can't afford to poach anyone and pay compensation!
Andy, Kilburn

Get rid of the board they have ruined this club and they have made one of the best managers resign.Please get burley back or get billy davies from preston

Bring him back now ... why when we've done so well would the board start messing the manager around ..and why is Murdo there ???

The loyal Derby supporters deserve to know the true reasons For George leaving.
Paul Johnson

Once again the Derby fans are let down by the people running the club.Im shocked and appaled that George Burley can be let go so easily.How many managers are there out there capable of carrying on his good work.Im pretty sure alot of the playing staff will be just as dissappointed as the fans.Lets hope its not another slippery slope into oblivion we will be sliding down once more in the coming seasons.Best of luck to George in whatever he does.
Daz P

Dont know the truth behind Georges resignation but i dont blame him. he was to good for your lot anyway.Your on your way down again ,whilst where on our way back up with no debts bye bye SHEEP
Arch True Red Nottingham

Keep your hands of DavePenny UP THE ROVERS

never felt this bad when we lost the play off final against leicester
burton ram

The same old story for us again. We upset the only good manager we've had in years. I hope we all take our season tickets back. Sleightholme and Keith have no idea. Sack the board or we'll end up like the red dogs.
James, Littleover

Suprised and shocked.thought it was april fools day. Ive devised my own shortlist: 1.Jim Smith 2.Dennis Wise 3. Howard wilkinson 4.Martin neal 5.Martin Allen (brentford) 6.Mitch Handley
Mitch Littleover (not mickleover scum)

well all i can say is i hope derby board are happy they have lost a good manger i hope u feel bad about it i can see us joing forest next seson all because of a back room proplem why u not sayto us all what it is that was said u all frightened of whats to come and what surrports wil say about it
Richard Barber

Speculation of a george burley managerial role here has become high, i feel really bad for the people of Derby but if the speculation is right then its all good for Hearts
william nessbit, Scotland (Hearts Fan)

Murdo MacKay, Director of Football....what a joke. All he did was direct the best manager we've had for many years away from Derby County. Everyime there was a statement it came from him. Why was he even allowed to talk to the press about what players we needed? It was George's job to talk about what field position, and who, we needed. As for our Board of Directors, clearly they are not capable of organizing or directing anything worthy of a club as magnificent as Derby County. If they had anything about them at all the majority would all be falling on their swords. Well, let's see what the Board can now come up with for a manager. This should be very interesting. This will proove once and for all the quality of our Board of Directors. Cloughie must be turning in his grave.
John (Utah)

I am deeply upset george has resigned. I bought a season ticket before the end of last season thinking we, at last, had a good manager and may stand a good chance of promotion next season. However some of the statements issued by both parties make me think that maybe the board are not totally to blame. George has not yet stated what his reasons for his resignation. Is it his incompatability with Murdo McKay, the boards stance on 'no money for players or an offer of a job from another club? I think McKay should stay, at least for the time being, as he is probably the man to advise the board on the best person as the new manager.
guy seddon newborough

Only Derby can snatch disaster from the jaws of a promising situation. Bring back Gadsby and Kirkland, who understand football!
Peter McCrea

so what now mr sleightholme sell rasiak and idiakez ain't it about time you stepped down and gave way to someone with ambition and maybe a bit of passion for the game
neil ,derby

Interesting point: George said for 9 months that a problem had existed, perhaps that was the reason he took so long to decide to sign a new contract? Nevertheless, this is a huge step back for Derby County - who after years of gloom and disappointment looked to be heading in the right direction. Burley is possibly one of the best managers since the Brian Clough era at Derby, wish him every luck in the future. As for the future, wouldnt suprise me to see Mr. Murdo around for a long time. With a board who doe not give a damn about the club, it leaves a lot of worry towards the clubs financial future. Just hope Derby dont suffer adminstration yet again. Going to miss George, thanks 4 the memories.
John O

Very upset about Burley quitting. We paid all that money for next seasons tickets expecting a good season with Burley but now we are left wondering what will happen at Derby.
Jamie Baldwin

Very sad day, let's hope we can continue to build from here though. Thanks George for making our club great again and all the best for the future.
Allan, Ripley

Great news for Forest - let's have him at the City ground. What a waste of huge talent - Derby will regret this
john manley

Its been a real pleasure to come and watch Derby over the last season, playing real football instead of hit and hope stuff. For me this all been down to GB. what he has done with no money at all more than matched what any other manager in the country achieved over the season. Selling Huddlestone was a clear signal that the board have no ambition for the club whatsoever, so you can't blame Burley for wanting to leave. I'm gutted. I was looking forward to another play off finish next year, but now I think a relegation battle is more likely.
Chris, London

time for the board to do the honourable thing and sell up.

U shake your head in disbelief with some of the things that happen at this club. He was the best possible manager we could ever have, anyone better is at Chelsea, Arsenal Liverpool etc....!

Yet again the board have let themselves,the club and most importantly the fans can they have allowed an on-going situation come to letting the best manager we have had for a very long time resign.Murdo makay should resign immediatley,not offer to resign as he did this morning when it was probobly obvious to him that george was on his way out of the club.After looking forward to the new season this has put a cloud over what might happen to the club,players like camp,rasiak and idiakez have signed contracts based on the fact that George was the manager,and i for one would not blame them if they were now considering if their own futures lie elsewhere.
eric , chellaston

Well! They've done it again. Every time Derby County get someting good going they throw it all away. They don't deserve all the support they get. Get rid of the Board. I'm pleased I haven't got a season ticket yet.
David Moore

We fell on our sword over Brian Clough...and never recovered for decades. Here we go again the Kamikazi Kings of the East Midlands. I dispair.
Pat, Selston

I feel cheated by the board for assuring us that Burley was wanted at the helm when, as Burley has explained, they knew there were problems since October. For those who are wonderring why 9 months ago (October) is signficant, it's actually when contract talks about Burley's new deal began. Thank you George for giving us a glimpse of glory. To the board: just go away.
Adam, Nottinghamshire

If the board owned a funeral palour no one would die! All they have done is ruin the club......
Gordon, Derby

I for one want to know George's reason before blaming the board - entirely! and for you fans who want to rip up season tickets or get a full refund....i'll have one! REAL fans stick with the club and not go missing! But don't get me wrong, if it is true it's the boards fault I'm happy for them to get lost (to put it nicely)!!!!!
paul - derby

we have to get Burley back!!! i hope inigo rasiak etc stay.
rams fan

Once again the club is being destroyed by an outside of football issue. It's time THE BOARD resigned and GB reinstated.
Stuart Griffiths

What a farce!!!Best manager we have had in a while,tell the directors to put up or shut up.Lets have more cash for new players for a push towards Premiership football.And get GB back in charge!!!!!!
Steve. Derby

i totally agree with mick. whenever anything good gets going derby mess it up, lets hope we can still get the players we need even though we havent got the attraction of George Burley at the helm.
trevor williamson

dont blame the board but their deffinately is something fishy about why GB left. the big problem is now after the team george has created and moulded some other manager might disrupt the system and players. lets hope this isnt the case

History repeats itself at Derby. What a farce this club has become.
Mick, Warrington

very sad times burley did an excellent job and he will be hard to replace however that replacement must be swift in order to stabalise the club over the summer sadly i dont think the same could be said over the board who yet again appear to have let the fans and the club down when will this end? so who will be the manager? what about paul simpson? look at his record we could do alot worse plus he knows the club and the fans love him
david brown

How can you service a £40mill debt and not sell your best players? are the accounts out for the previous year? what are they hiding? does it take that long to count the income and expenditure ? we need people with proper folding money not loose change to get this club back on track, local Derby County Supporters as Directors any names spring to mind?
Tony (Chesterfield)

Absolutley pathetic we must do everything we can to get GB to change his mind - This reminds me of the Cloughie days
Jamie Farrell

I think this is another let down for the club just after one of there best seasons. George Burley IN and the Board OUT!
Matthew, Derby

can't believe it Derby have done so well this season, i just hope our best players will stay! CUM ON U RAMS
Emma Baldwin

Quite clearly the 'directors' are to blame. What exactly qualifies Murdo Mackay as director of football ? He has no managerial experience and is simply a former agent. The only reason he is director of football is becuase he is best buddies with Mr Sleightholme. Shame on any of you who took time to chat and shake hands with either of them before the play-off games. It's too late now but a massive thanks to George Burley for giving me a really enjoyable season after many disappointing years. Who now then ? I've already heard Howard Wilkinson mentioned and pray to God that it's just someone's idea of a sick joke. Sack the board, - save us Gadsby, Webb or Kirkland. We could be in REAL trouble here.........How are we going to attract players to improve the squad when we don't have a manager?? Pablo Mills would be mad to sign a new deal now. The board need to act quick or we will miss out on any decent players that we could have attracted this summer. A very bad day for Derby County and its superb fan base.
Craig, Derby

It's the clough situation all over again! Nothing ever changes with this club. Congratulations Fulham - looks like you've got your man! Now watch Rasiak and Idiakez leave!
David, Kimberley

im absolutely gutted GB has gone, i think they supports should get together and buy the club then we can really tell the board what we think of them!!!!
Charlotte, Littleover

The fans have been let down again. Leave Burley in charge and sack this incompitent board.
Rob, Derby

Typical Derby,just when things were progressing in a way they haven't progressed for years they blow it !!!!!! Well done the board hope your proud!!! Sack the lot of them..

a black day for dcfc george has done nothing wrong as far as i can see,from one point off relegation to a play off position you will be missed george good luck where ever you go.

Why did he leave? Come on GB tell us why? The board want to know the real reason, so do I. Fulham? Ipswich?......Why? I am not siding with the board or GB. I want to know why. The club has my money for my season ticket, given on the basis that GB was going to be our manager........I think we have all been conned. say the fans are special..too right we are and we deserve the truth. Anyway time will tell us all we need to know. Have a feeling GB has been tapped up for a premiership job...
Phil - Derby

Very upset. This sounds like something from the 70's! Brian Clough ring any bells? Oh well chin up and all that , who knows whats around the corner!?!?

I am not particularly sorry to see Burley leave. Although most fans will not see it this way; I believe this is a glorious opportunity for the Rams to move on to greater things. Provided the club appoints the RIGHT man.

I didn't care if Burley turned up at work dressed as a woman, stinking of petroleum so long as we kept playing first class football as he so often (though not always of course) did for us. This is nothing but the boards fault. They have afforded us the consideration and love which we would expect Fo**st fans to show us. They must go and take Murdo with them, just go away, they take the fun out of football. Give us back our Derby County and take your dodgy bank accounts to hell.
Geoff, Spondon

Yet again as Derby County look like their going in the right direction we take a step backwards. Sick as the preverbial parrot!
Mark, Derby

I am absolutely gutted. Saw the newspaper this mornin, tried to forget it, spent this morning tryin 2 revise but no, the board has to mess up again. We need local directors, people who actually care about us, not just the money

Disgusted and upset. This has been coming for weeks George MUST BE BROUGHT BACK and the board ousted. They have no love for OUR club. Time for a demo outside the ground? Let them know what we really feel!

Here to express my deepest dissapointment and concern about the latest developments in my beloved club. George Burley managed to transform the squad from a bunch of youngsters dreaming of avoiding relegation into cohesive team that battled bravely for promotion when nobody expected that. Myself, all supporters and the club, including the Board, owe him all the respect he deserves for that reason. Instead of that, I can see the Board simply forced Mr Burley out of this club for reasons known only to themselves. The Board not only failed to recognise Mr. Burley's achievements but also failed to deliver sensible business strategy on how to run this club and deliver the results that club desperately needs. Those actions were against not only Mr. Burley but also against good interest of the club and against us, suporters. Therefore, I hereby ask the Board to step down from their posts with immediate effect and let some other investors, with better business and football knowledge as well as financial accumen, to take over this club. Unless that action is completed, I hereby decline to credit the present Board with any further support whatsoever, effective from now. Save the rest of your reputation and step down NOW !
Mario Ozga, Poland

I am totally fed up with the running of OUR club by the current Board who get paid expenses, as we slip further into debt. Now they have somehow managed to lose the best asset we had. I believe last seasons advances were in spite of them rather than because of them. None of them have a clue about football so god knows who we will end up with as manager, possibly Jeremy Keith's brother !
Tony Hicking

i hope we are going to get refunds for our tickets this board of directors are a complete joke the next thing will be to make murdo manager
nathan derby

I've already requested from the club a full refund of my season ticket. Get those idiots out of the hot seat. Burley was the best thing to happen since clough. Sack the board!!!
Richard, Derby

just can't believe it!! the board should have bent over backwards for Burley after this season (and I don't think that they needed too, he stuck me as a very reasonable guy) thanks for your efforts George I wish you could have been with us for longer.

There is more to this than meets the eye. Don't be surprised when George joins a Premeirship club before the end of June
Terry Bailey

Gutted. Typical Derby County. Something has gone on behind the scenes. Just as things were looking up they shoot themselves in the foot. When will they learn?
Matt Dutch

I'm absolutely disgusted at the board. George Burley is the best thing to happen to Derby in a long,long time. Again, the board have been caught short in their ability to manage our club and retain the only person to make a positive impact since he arrived. How long can this board continue???
Andy, Derby

Can everyone have a refund for their season tickets for next season? because without Burley, Derby will go no where. I for one wouldn't have purchased two season tickets for next season. Let's have a local Board of Directors and Burley reutrned to the reigns!
Ian Bailey

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