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28 October 2014

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Vicky Pollard and "friend"

What chav you done for me lately?

By Gavin Bevis
The chav phenomenon continues to spread its Burberry-clad influence over the nation with news of a new 'Chav night' at a Derby pub.

Like a bingo hall hosting a 'pensioner night', Derby's Coyote Wild has announced the arrival of 'Chav night' - a new themed event for local students.

The weekly party is a celebration of chavs - the name given to loudmouthed, obnoxious individuals with a taste for celebrities, tacky fashions and excessive amounts of fast food - as personified by Little Britain's Vicki Pollard.

Highlights of the Sunday night event include a kebab eating race, a cider drinking challenge, chav choon of the week and a big fringe contest.

And here's that story again... but this time in chav speak:

Lyk a bngo hall hostng a pensiona night..u no..Derbyz Coyote Wild haz announced da arrival ov Chav night - a new vemed event 4 local students...

de weekly party iz a celebrashun ov chavz - da name givn 2 loudmouded...obnoxiouz ndividualz wid a taste 4 celebrities..hehe..taky fashionz and excessiv amountz of fast food - az dobbaified by Little Britaynz Viky Pollard...

Highlightz of da Sunday night event nclude a kebab eatng race..hehe..a cida drnkng challenge...lyk...chav choon ov de week n a big frnge contest...

'Chav It' takes place every Sunday from 8pm. For further details, call Coyote Wild on 01332 298218

You said:

i am a student in my 3rd year and i will be finishing my dissertation on Chav cullture in the next couple of days i have theorised them as a youth subculture and a media constructed moral panic about youths, any thoughts?
verity jennings

It's not just the fake Burberry you have to worry about... it's the obscene site of 'muffin tops': rolls of fat hanging over tight low-slung trousers, the term muffin top describing both the cause and effect. Not to mention the Elizabeth Duke jewellery and poorly etched tattoo on shoulder or lower back... need I say anymore???
Red Haired Girl, Derby

Chav night, what a joke. They need to be destroying all the chavs not promoting those mindless idiots!!

Chavs are pikeys
Will Smith

Sound like a wicked idea, it'll give us chavs a chance to meet up and enjoy a decent night out
Diane Hargreaves

yeah as if coyote chav!!! needs to promote chavs, everyweekend the place is dripping with fake burbery!!
Archie, Derby

Oh no....a night for the Chavs...please no - its bad enough seeing them down here in smelly london, with out encouraging them to move to other areas of the country - especially my beloved home town! Unfortunatly chav is not limited to the working class, it is personified by the post yuppie losers that now own a late 1972 Cortina as their BMW was repossed!
David, London

Isn't it Chav night every night at Coyote Wild?

last updated: 08/03/06
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