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28 October 2014

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Sara Manifold
Sara Manifold


People living in Hatton were treated to a real feast as contestants from Swadlincote, Ilkeston and Wigan prepared for the biggest 'steak-out' of their lives!

The challenge was on at the Kestrel Inn to see who could polish off 200 ounces of pure meat in a record-breaking attempt for the coveted title of 'the greatest steak eater in the world!'

Landlady, Anne White, threw down the steak-eating gauntlet this weekend and three hopeful champions took up the challenge at the same time as raising money for the Asian tsunami appeal.

No-one has ever single-handedly polished off the monster meat, but Anne’s son-in-law managed 120 ounces of it five years ago.

Roger Smith
Roger looks very relaxed pre steak out!

We caught up with Anne for the low-down on the rules: "It's a matter of eating as much as you can – consistently eating. If you want the steak re-heated we take it away to the kitchen but double check nothing has been cut off when it comes back. You can take as long as you like; just go for it."

'Meat' the contenders!

David Horrobin, 55, from Swadlincote.

David’s strategy was simple: "Start steady and get stronger!"

Roger Smith, 38, from Ilkeston.

Roger's strategy was slightly different: "I've been eating extra to swell my stomach out a bit and I've had nothing to eat today. I just want to beat the book of records really."

Sara Manifold, 23, from Wigan.

David Horrobin
David gets stuck in!

Sara looked confident before the start: "I'm going to give it all for the girls. I'm the only girl in the competition so I'm going to give it 100 percent, even if it takes me all day.

"I've got a plan; I'm going to cut it into eight pieces, roughly the same size and eat each piece with a different style of sauce."

The crowd had their opinion too. It appeared Sara definitely wasn't the favourite: "I don't think she is going to do it - looks like she will fall at the first hurdle to me. She’s talking and not getting on with eating the steak. It’s just not good sportsmanship. 

"I reckon you've got to go for the fat first then leave the rest of the steak to the end of the meal and try to wolf it down towards the last fifty ounces."

Two and a half hours in!

Over two hours in and the contestants are starting to flag a little. Sara said: "It still tastes ok but my jaws are starting to ache. I'm not giving up yet though.

"I wouldn't say I was full up yet but I wouldn't say I was still hungry either. I keep eating but it doesn't seem to be going down, but we'll see what they weigh at the end."

The weigh-in

After eating as much steak as humanly possible, and with the final weigh in completed, Sara Manifold was declared the winner, polishing off a staggering 100 ounces in five hours.

Roger and Dave tied second place, eating 65 ounces each.

Sadly, the record was left unbroken, but there’s always next time.

last updated: 21/02/05
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