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27 November 2014

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Come On You Rams

Derby County striker Tommy Smith
Tommy Smith

Player profile: Tommy Smith

The striker reveals all about his new arrival, his favourite film stars and bossing Lee Camp around.

What do you do when you're not playing football?

I like to play a bit of golf. I try to play as much as I can and my brother plays too. We've had quite a few games in the summer. I'm a bit of a fairweather golfer though so now it's the winter I tend to just chill out and go to the cinema.

I've got a five-week-old baby at the moment so that's keeping my hands full at the minute.

Why do footballers love golf so much?

You train in the mornings and rest is an important part - you don't want to over-train so in the afternoons, when it's a nice day, what could be better than going and having a nice game?

What else? Are you a movie fan?

Yeah I love going to the cinema but since the little 'uns come along, she's ruling the roost at the moment so I'm running round changing nappies. It's my first one so it's all new to me.

Were you always a striker?

Earlier on I played in the centre of midfield but when I was 12 I just started playing up front for my school and just stayed there from then on?

Are there any movie stars you particularly like?

I just like most films. There's not a particular style I like. Jim Carrey's good for comedy and I like Tom Cruise in action films.

Have you started planning what you're going to do when you retire?

I haven't but as I get older, the more I've started thinking about going back and maybe getting more qualifications in something. I haven't really got round to thinking about it too much at the moment. Hopefully I've got another ten years in me.

Who are the loudest characters at Derby County?

There are a few. The two oldies are the main ones - Tayls and Johnno - they're the loudest. But we've also got a couple of crazy foreigners so there's plenty going on there in the mornings.

Who do you room with on away trips?

Lee Camp - unfortunately!

Why unfortunately?

Nah he's a good roomie to have. I boss him around - get him to make me tea and things like that so it’s nice.

Do the lads give him hell for the highlights in his hair?

Yeah he's get a bit of stick. We had the play that the academy put on for us the other day and one of the actors had his hairstyle - it was quite a good portrayal of what Campy looks like!

Do you get any stick?

Not really. I just keep my head down. I'm the one at the back laughing and trying not to get involved too much.

How are you settling in Derby?

Yeah definitely. I've had the same girlfriend since leaving school and we're getting married next summer. We moved into a new house in this area three months ago so we're enjoying the area. I'm originally from near Watford so after spending a year up in Sunderland, it's nice to be a bit closer to home again. So yeah, I'm enjoying it here.

But I suppose as a footballer, you don't get much of a Christmas?

No it's the hardest time, being a footballer. All the family are organising things and with my brother playing at Watford, all my family tend to stay with him because it's not nice to leave him on his own. It's quite tough but my girlfriend's family all come up to stay so that's quite nice.

But yes, being a footballer means giving up things like wine and chocolate at Christmas time but I wouldn't change anything.

Your brother's a defender isn't he? Perhaps he could sign for the Rams?

We've talked about it actually but I'm not sure I could take him living with me!

How have the fans taken to you?

It's hard to tell. I think they've taken to me quite well - and obviously scoring against Forest helps. I just try to work as hard as I can out on the pitch and hopefully they appreciate that.


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