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28 October 2014

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Derby County midifielder Morten Bisgaard
Morten Bisgaard

Player Profiles: Morten Bisgaard

The Danish midfielder tells us about his love of music, the crazy German and why he wants to avoid the play-offs!

Morten facts:

  • DoB: 25 June 1974
  • Height: 185 cm
  • Signed for Rams: June 2004
  • International goals: 1 (v Iceland in 2002 World Cup qualifiers)
  • Previous clubs: FC Copenhagen, Udinese

Q:  So how's life in Derby?

A:  Great! I have my girlfriend with me and we've found out she's pregnant so we're very happy about that. It's going to be my first child. We rent a house in Littleover and we've settled in very well - she's found a job in the town centre - and that helps a lot because she feels happy.

Q:  And when's the baby due?

A:  It's due during the play-offs! Hopefully we will finish number one or number two so we're not in the play-offs because she's going back to Denmark to give birth and I want to be with her. So it's in the middle of May.

Q:  What about settling in the East Midlands? Surely it's very different to Copenhagen!

A:  Yes! Very different. Copenhagen is a big city and has a lot of Danish people! But when I was in Denmark and signed for Derby I didn't know too much about the city (Derby) though I knew a bit about the club. But it's been better that I expected - I didn't expect to settle in so quick and feel this comfortable. It's a nice city and we like living here - it's not so far away from London if we want to go but we nearly always stay in the area.

Q:  What car do you drive?

A:  I drive a Toyota - but the wheel is on the wrong side! (Laughs) In the beginning it took a bit of getting used to, driving on the left side of the road. I still look over my right shoulder when I have to reverse and that's been quite hard. Also, the small roads where there are no lines in the middle - in the beginning I would sometimes drive on the right and a car would come the other way and I'd quickly move over to the other side.

Q:  How do you relax? What do you like to do?

A:  I listen to music - I'm a music man! I like being with my girlfriend and walking the dog. I like the NBA (Basketball) and I watch it a lot over here - in Denmark it was difficult to find games to watch but over here on the sports channels you can find the NBA. But music is my passion. I like Rufus Wainwright is very good, I like harder rock, Nirvana - and a lot of Danish acts. I'm going to the Manic Street Preachers concert and I've just bought tickets for Oasis. But my girlfriend doesn't like hard rock so I'm getting more mellow with my music.

Q:  Would you like to be involved in music once your playing career is over?

A:  I'd love that - I love music and I'm always on the internet looking for new artists. I play some music my self too and I'd love to make a CD. I play the guitar and I know a bit of piano - but guitar is my main instrument. Unfortunately my singing is not the best though.

Q:  What about the other players... who do you get on with?

A:  Well, I live next to Mo Konjic so we have a great relationship and my girlfriend knows his wife. And the crazy German (Marco Reich) - he lives next to me too. But it's more the foreign players I tend to see. I was fearing that I'd come into a dressing room full of psychopaths who go to pubs and prison - but it's not like that! It's a great dressing room full of great guys. In Denmark there are a lot of stories about English footballers - but they've proved me wrong here and I'm very happy with this dressing room.

Q:  What is it about Marco that makes you call him the Crazy German?

A:  He just seems to have a lot of energy. He talks a lot and runs all over and when he's playing at his best he should be playing in the Premiership. He's got a lot of quality... and talks a lot!

Q:  And what about you and your career?

A:  I've got a three-year contract and so I will be here for three years, I'm sure. But you just have to concentrate on the moment and you never know when you career finishes because it depends on your legs and your mind. If you've still got the hunger you keep on playing - but the mmoment I lose my hunger and my desire to become a better player I'll throw my boots away and do something else. If that goes away there's no point.

Q:  So finally, what's your ideal night out?

A:  I love going to restaurants with my girlfriend and I love Italian food. So either that or a Jamie Oliver restaurant, which I know she'd like, and then on to a concert with, perhaps, Oasis or a Danish band like Kashmir.. and then going home and then.... yeah!!

last updated: 03/12/04
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