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28 October 2014

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Radio Derby around the Earth!

Radio Derby around the Earth!

Listen around the world

So - you've been listening to BBC Radio Derby on the web, eh? Yes? Great! Now we'd like to know where in the world you are!

Technology is a great thing. It's now made BBC Radio Derby accessible to people around the world - any country, any time.

We know that thousands of you listen each and every week to many of the programmes broadcast on the station.

The thing is, although you know where WE are - we don't always know where YOU are!

So, we want you to tell us. You might be in Derby (Australia), Derby (USA) or just good old Derby (UK!) - or perhaps Delhi, Dubai, Delaware or Dartford. Wherever you are, we want to hear from you - and to read your comments about what you listen to.

Use the form below to get in touch!

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created: 10/11/2004

Have Your Say

Write your comments here. Don't forget to include your name and where you listen from!

The BBC reserves the right to edit comments submitted.

Enjoy the different radio services provided by BBC Radio 1,2,3,4,etc Wish the CBC could do the same.
Clyde Lutkin, Saskatoon ,Canada

Here's a question for all your listeners. My grandfather was a fat dripper by occupation. Does anyone have any idea what this was?
john camp queensland australia

Hi chris thanks for the kind words sorry you couldn't make the reunion. A good time had by all! Have made contact with my dad's side of the family! Regards from John and Dee
john camp queensland australia

Hi John, Congratulations on you recent marriage, sorry I couldn't be in Derby to join the celebration ... I had reports that a good time was had by all! Please say hello to your new wife. I remember all the family members you are trying to make contact with ... especially Nita ... and who could ever forget dear Uncle George. With love from your cousin Chris New Jersey USA.
Christine Foxon

Was born Derby and went to school at Peartree boys school.Had a wonderful reunion with the school football team of 1964 a couple of years ago, just wonderful! Trying to trace my cousins. Andrea Camp who will probably have a different surname now, and also anita. My dad was uncle George, and their dad was Arther Camp, and their mother my wonderful aunt Rita.Also have a male cousin Derek,whos dad was my uncle Reg hope you can help me? Hope you can help me. Love listening to Radio Derby on the web, and the reception is crystal clear!
john camp queensland australia

Great to hear the old accents! Finally upgraded to broadband and can listen to the radio without buffering. Left Spondon 32 years ago now residing in Tasmania (Australia)we have a Derby here too
Alison Baker (nee Brockie)

Good evening Ihave just noticed that someone is trying to find a David Limb. maybe I am the one you are looking for.
David Limb

Hi there! I'm here in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A. I've been over here now for about 15years. I miss my old pubs in Derby, especially the Crown on Curzon Street & the Pennine Hotel. Please say a hello over the airwaves to anyone who may remember me when I was working at the Grand Casino in Colyear Street. Also to Ray & Olive Menday and especially Michele. A big " HI " to my brothers and sisters over in Burton-on-Trent too!! Can't get enough of good old radio Derby..all the best !!
Alan Whetton

hi i enjoy radio derby i live in chesterfield but you wont broadcast frm there and the signal is poor up here so av 2 listen via internet even though i live in derbyshire not south yorkshire please will you start broadcastin alongside radio sheffield from Chesterfield

we are at general equipment of fork shoals rd simpsonville. accounting listens all day it's great

Listening to the cricket commentary on these very hot Finnish summer nights with a nice glass of beer.
Ant Smith Helsinki Finland

I didn't know until now that we can get radio Derby, that's good news indeed! I will be listening in reglarly from now on. It's great to be conneted to my home town. I have a Sister Margaret and a rother Ken in Derby as well as many other family members still living there. I visit usually about once a year, I'd like to move back permanentely...hopefully one day.
Christine Foxon nee Woodward

Listening while being 'jacked up'out of the sea on a wind turbine instalation vessel offshore Barrow. Keeps me in touch during my tour of duty here. Nice one the interweb!
Davee Hughes

Im trying to find a David Limb that i know and when i type in his name i get this site...i know he lives in Yorkshire but im trying to locate him. Missouri,USA

I'm listening from The U.S. in St. Paul Minnesota. I have a friend who lives in Derby. Listening to the radio there helps me to not feel so far away from him. Good stuff!

Gold Coast Australia thanks for keeping me in touch with the RAMS
Glynn Fisher

Hi.... I am ex-Mickleover in Derby. I miss Derby lotz. I am in Canada now. I miss tennis courts at Markeaton Park & The Nags Head & The Vine & The Saddlergate Bars!!!! Send me a note. Cheers!!!
DJ Magnam

My family and I have visited Derby for about ten times now, Every year. We have friends from Chestergreen. I recieve the daily email newspaper and hear the BBC Derby normaly daily from home or while at the break from work, because I have accses too.We like Derby a lot our 3 kids we be daily at the chestergreen grounds every morning, when we be there. Regards to you all, And like to hear from You. Ronnie and Nancy From MALTA
Ronnie Giordimaina

Listening from Allen, Texas, USA. Reason for listening, my daugther in law, son and their lovely daughter lives in Derby and would like to know what is going on around that area.
Mike Cruz

I listen to BBC Radio Derby almost every night. It's nice to be able to listen to it over the web. I live in Ushuaia, the southernmost town in the world, in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. Best wishes. DANIEL

Listening in Fredericksburg, Virginia, where I live and in my office in Washington, D.C.
Peter Fisher

nice radio,especially paul mckenzie, super good humor, in the morning i am lost without his wit. thanks jenny ,tacoma,usa
jenny thurman

I was in Nottingham and accidentally got Radio Derby. I quickly switched stations and gave my ears a good wash.
Nigel, Nottingham

I live in brazil and its b***dy hot,but the cold beers help forget it all.I do miss derby and radio derby, i know you have a contract with the official d.c.f.c site but i think it should be for listerners in europe not rest of world as i miss listerning to the rams,i am a big derby fan and have been for 30 years so being so far away it would be so good to listen live here in brazil love to all at radio derby keep up the good work sean born and bred in derby but living happy in brazil........
sean flynn

Good to hear a little real English and about those Rams on this side of the pond. Oklahoma, USA!
JR Day

I think its just great to be able to listen to Radio Derby over the internet which just a few months or so was not available. David
David Limb - Kamen - Germany

I go to the BBC Webpage and I listened to BBC Radio Derby. [I have been a visitor to BBC Radio Derby and I still have some souvenirs and the envelope from the year 2000]. My first programme was Shane O Connor at 6:45AM Miami Time. After work, at 6:30PM, I heard Frances Finn [who is one of my favorites]. Best wishes from Miami.

It is great to be able to hear news and every day events back home.It will be 50years this April.we came to Canada so please say hello to everyone who remembers the Chequers Inn and the Hancock family Willow Row. Nellie
Nellie Pierce[ Hancock] Victoria B.C. Canada

Firstly I would like to wish you all a merry Xmas I live in Germany and have only just been able to get Radio Derby over the Internet. Its great just beíng able to get the news that happens in Derby. I also run The Derby County Supporters Club in Germany. David
David Limb

We are thrilled that we are now able via the internet to listen to Radio Derby in the USA. We are in Sanford, North Carolina, about 50 miles south of the capitol of our state, Raleigh. Even after 36 years we suffer severe attacks of home sickness especially at Christmas time, really looking forward to listening to the Carol Service later today as we ready the traditional trifle, mince pies and yes, we have mastered the baking of pork pies, also oatcakes for Christmas day breakfast!Please wish all Symcox and Bettany family tree members friends and past neighbors through out the UK a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thanks Radio Derby for making it possible for us to listen in and keep in touch with Ucheter, Rocester and Ashbourne especially.
Carol and Mike Bettany

Hi,we're listening from a little place called Dargaville, Northland, New Zealand. Been over here for 30years. Please could you say hello and Merry Christmas to parents, Ken & Isobel Gamble of Longford and Ros Smith of Duffield. Thanks Radio Derby, we enjoy listening in.
Steve & Kate Smith

Hi I was born in Derby emigrated to New Zealand in the early 1960's. Lived in Derby , where I trained as a nurse, from 1981 to 2002. Now I listern to Radio Derby from my home in Rotorua New Zealand, my home page is BBC/ Derby. Have some very fond memories of Derby and Derbyshire and the great people I worked with and nursed.
Ian Hudson

I listen to Radio Derby in Khon Kaen, North East Thailand, As a former season ticket holder,I like to keep in touch with the Rams.
Richard Gordon

We listen to Radio Derby in Auckland - North Harbour, New Zealand, we would be very pleased if you could wish our family in Derby 'A Very Happy Christmas' and send them all our love, especially mum Peggy in Littleover who always listens to Radio Derby - perhaps Andy could read our best wishes to her on his Breakfast Show ?
Sandra & Peter Elmore

Just started listening and it is making very homesick. I have not been home in ten years. I am in Cairns, Far North Queensland Australia. Go the Rams Regards Neil
Neil R`ath

I started listening to your radio shows a couple of weeks ago. Being originally from derby I now listen to radio derby every night.
john , philadelphia USA

hi great to hear radio derby on the net especialy the greatist hits show . i used to lisern to radio derby all of the time untill i moved to london so the only chance i used to get to listern after that untill the streanmng came up on the net keep up the good work steve grundy london uk formely of sommercotes and south wingfield
steve grundy

Have just discovered you are now online. I have lived in the Detroit area, Michigan, since the mid 60s, but retain my Derbyshire affiliation. I haven't missed a Rams broadcast on the DCFC website in years (Jim Fearn and I did the broadcasts when the Rams were in the US a few years ago). I am still proud of holding both the Derbyshire Junios amd Men's tennis championship at the same time in the 50s. Give my best to Fritchley and Duffield!
roger faulkner

Hi i'm listening from Melbourne Australia and as a derby fan your site lets me keep in touch and learn about the city. I'm hoping to travel to Derby for the first time next year so im familiarising myself with the city via this site, Cheers George
George Melbourne Australia

You come in loud and clear here in Cincinnati Ohio USA. UP THE RAMS!!
Mike Senger

The BBC web site is my "home page" and the Derby pages are my first stop. I have been away from Derby, living in Los Angeles, for 23 years and it is nice to get daily updates on the news, weather and the Rams. If I need to hear the Derby "accent" I can always go to the web radio reports. A great site that keeps me closer to "home".
David Asher

Lived in Canada for over 2 years, great to be able to keep in touch with developements in the old town
Richard Burgin

You are in: Derby > BBC Radio Derby > Station Information > Listen around the world

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