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28 October 2014

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Brian Clough signs his name
Cloughie signs his name

How should we remember Cloughie?

Former Rams manager Brian Clough will be remembered by football fans all over the world, but what should the City of Derby do to create a lasting memorial?

The former Rams manager Brian Clough has died aged 69.

He was, without doubt, one of the best-known names in British football and, many say, "the greatest manager England never had."

Derby County have opened a book of condolence at Pride Park Stadium and fans of football have been paying moving tributes to, as he often called himelf, " Mr Conceited."

And already there have been calls to remember Brian Clough with a lasting memorial in Derby.

Some say there should be a statue but other ideas, such as renaming Pride Park Stadium and a memorial garden, have been suggested.

So how do YOU think we should remember Cloughie? And where?

Share your thoughts and suggestions here.

Your comments:

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Geoff Noake
One or two short-sighted directors with large egos thought that they were bigger and better than the great man. The period when Cloughie was at the BBG was unbelievable and narrow mindedly cut short to Forests's eventual benefit. I think that there should be some kind of pre-seasion "Brian Clough Tournament" for Junior teams in Derbyshire, sponsored by DCFC and held at Pride Park. That way his legacy puts something back into football and benefits youngsters learning the game.

pete harper
brian clough was the best manager ever and re name east midlands airport brian clough airport and derby should name a stand brian clough stand

Marcus Shukla
I was collecting names for a petition to get Brian knighted just before he died. Fans said then that it would be difficult to find anything at Pride Park that shows any connection with the Great Man. So they should name the ground after him, other teams do it - AC Milan for example. The ground or possibly the airport, maybe both!

baggies fan BRIAN CLOUGH brilliant sadly missed

tim thomas melbourne australia
re-name east midlands airport 'brian clough international airport'

dan derby
name a stand in brian cloughs honor

Trevor, Hilton
A fitting tribute to the achievements of Brian Clough whilst at Derby, would be to rename The Acadamy 'The Brian Clough Acadamy'. Football managers come and go this would be a fitting tribute to the most important manager in Derby County's history. In renaming the Acadamy this would ensure a link from Brain Clough's past achievements to the future of Derby County Football Club.

Chris Smith Spondon
A set of gates at Pride Park would be a lasting tribute like at Anfield,also what about some championship photo's in the main entrance to Pride Park, Or maybe rename the ground The Brian Clough Stadium that would please all true Derby fans,Iam proud to have seen the great 70's Derby team you built it was a dream come true.Thankyou BRIAN.

Chris Breen
Too right! Rename EM Airport for this legend. Cuenca, Ecuador, S.A.

laura clark derby
i think they should call the new bus station after brian clough he was agood man, rest in peace mr clough, thinking of all the family at this sad time

Aide Derby
re-name eastmidlands airport. If Liverpool can have John Lennon airport why can't we have Brian Clough Airport?

Ken, Hatton Derby
Pride Park was only decided as a Re-Generation name, now that phase is almost complete, re-name it: Clough Business Park. Because he WAS the 'business'.

Julie, Derby
Don't think anything @ Pride Park stadium is fitting - he belonged to the BBG where there will be a road in his honour. A garden, perhaps in his beloved Darley Park and a junior tournament to encourage fresh English players very true to what the man stood for. RIP Cloughie- thanks for the memories.

sean brazil
great man the best manager ever for derby loved them euro nights benfica and juventos has to be the stadium named after him not a stand that would just be copying the reds.

Shaun, Derby
What about dedicating the new East Midlands landmark winner to Brian Clough


A statue at the bottom of the Cornmarket, visible to pedestrians approaching from the Market Place and St. Peter's Street would be a fitting tribute. Not all those who respected Old Big 'ead are necessarily DCFC supporters and would not see a memorial at Pride Park

Paul Buxton Chaddeden, Derby. (life long rams fan)
Derby County & Nottingham Forest, should retire the number 1 shirts, as we all know who was Derby & Forest number 1. All Forest & Derby, fans and clubs, should help each other to get the clubs back were they both belong. As we all know BRIAN would have loved to see us both "sticking it to the world of football",in a competitive way...

Lesley Goodwin,Derby
A Statue situated outside Pride Park,Sincere condolences to his family.RIP Brian.

Re-name the entire road from Derby to Nottingham Brian Clough Way. Yes, he won more with Forest, but he started at Derby and lived there too.

Mark Reid,Orlando Florida
Brian Clough said “I want no epitaphs of profound history and all that type of thing. I contributed. I would hope they would say that, and I would hope somebody liked me." This from a man adored throughout the world. Make no mistake the word “genius” is the definition of Brian Clough.

Terry. Heage.
Re-name the stadium after the great man.

Ian Rams fan(Argentina)
I belive that East Mildlans Airport should be named after him,it's in the perfect place,between Nottingham & Derby.They did it for John Lennon at Liverpool.So why not there?A statue at both stadia should happen also.He was a true legend!

Dennis Cope California USA
The best ever is Brian Clough a great manger we were so lucky to have him at Derby. Thank Brian for giving us so many fantastic afternoons watching your boys out play the opposition. No one will ever replace you at Derby. You were and are still the King tell the man upstairs to make roomm as you are taking over!!

Colin, Chaddesden
What a sad loss to football and to humanity. Brian Clough was THE MAN when it came to football and relationships with others.Lets have a memorial to him perhaps an annual charity match with Forrest with the proceeds to charity. God Bless You Brian and THAMKS for many memories of you.

Statue at PPG, Something at the the BBG, Pre season match for the Clough Trophy sounds a greta idea. Club to reissue the championship winning kit for the fans, Name the South East Corner after him (after all, that's where the hardcore sit!) all of this and whatever else that can be done, should be done! Clough bless Brian Clough!

Susan/Malcolm/Carol/Stuart Boon
What a great man Brian you were you will be saddly missed by all football fans from Derby and Nottingham where Saw him in 1975 at Nottingham Forest match. Also thinking of his family at this sad time. Susan Boon and family

Micky Sheehan
A statue would not represent this man. Brian Clough was about FOOTBALL! I think every pre-season thier should be a fixture involving Forest, Derby and Burton Albion. one year Derby v Forest, year after Forest v Burton, Year after Burton v Derby. All gate money goes to cancer/alcahol research and the name of the fixture. . . . . THE BRIAN CLOUGH MEMORIAL SHEILD.

Mark, Long Eaton
I think that renaming the Airport is a brilliant idea.

James, Telford (formerly of Nottm)
Why not get together with Nottingham and rename the A52 in his honour? You loved him and so did we. What better way to honour his memory

Ross Lowe
Re-naming the ground The Brian Clough Stadium should certainly be a consideration, as should a statue to accompany the one of Steve Bloomer. The greatest Rams player alongside the greatest Rams (and the world's) manager. That's what DCFC should be aiming to do. As for the City Council, they should also mark the great man who did so much for the people of Derby, especially when times were hard - they should seriously consider the suggestion of a memorial garden as suggested earlier. God bless you Brian, and your family.

Gurdeep, Long Eaton
Directors have already ripped the Heart out of Derby by demolishing the Baseball Ground. But they can Never take away the spirit of Cloughies Glory years. He was the Greatest manager Ever. Naming a Stand after the great man would just be copying forest it would not give credit to the man who put Derby on the Football map. Re-name Pride Park the BRIAN CLOUGH Stadium. After all the only Pride we as Derby fans have left is of winning the League in the 70's and Thrashing european opponents including Benfica and Real Madrid. Please let Clough have the Highest of Honours. The Brian Clough stadium will show the World just how special he was to the whole of Derby

Charles Derby
A Statue in a prominent place for a Great Man of Football from the Fifties to the Ninties

Mark, sandiacre
A Statue a must Name a Stand at least Ideally rename the stadium A pity though we have to wait until he died

Re name Pride park after the man. Derby County would not be the team they are today without Ol Big Ed!

Mark Wheatley, Hilton
On saturday both Derby County and Nottingham Forest players should were replica kits from their championship days as a sign of respect to the legend.

Jan , Derby
A memorial at Pride Park would be a fitting tribute for a great man of Derby and football. Sincere condolences to his family.

Mordy, Often
Every future match played between Derby and Forest should be for the Cloughy Trophy or rename the airport after him. He will always be a legend.

Sue, Derby
A statue of cloughie with his thumbs up outside the main entrance to The Brian Clough Stadium. No less than the man deserves. What about a posthumous knighthood?

Bruce Baker-Johnson
I'm loath to have anything at the so called 'Pride Park'. Derby County Football Club stabbed him in the back after all. Something for everyone who loved him, not just the people who can afford to go nowadays - so a memorial garden and statue would be my choice maybe near his home?

I suggest naming a players trophy after him like we did for the Jack Stamps, and naming a Street near Pride Park or the Baseball Ground in his memory.

David, Spondon
Brian was a larger than life character who deserves a lasting public monument to recognise his unmatched contribution to the national game, let alone his local acheivements. I agree will Phil from California. A self efacing monument should be erected somewhere near the intersection of A52 and M1 as a permanent reminder of a genius, the like of which I doubt we shall ever see again in our lifetimes.

Dave Ilkeston
Statue at Pridepark , street named after the great man at the old Baseball ground site.

A memorial garden and with a statue in it so that we could show just our much we cared about him. R.I.P. BRIAN

Tony Chambers
Never seen a Good Statue yet that gave justice to anyone.Rename a Stand at Pride Park would be my choice.The greatest thing that ever happened to the Rams was Brian Clough.

Lee Churm
Have a statue and rename the ground the Brian Clough Stadium. Why not both? He deserved no less, and every Derby fan would love to see the ground renamed...

name a new hospital ward after the great man

John , Oakwood
A statue at the main entrance to Pride Park, Name a stand after him. Also some lasting memorial at the old BBG site

Rams Fan, Aylesbury, Bucks
Cloughie was why I supported Derby.When choosing "my team" in the early 70s Cloughie had made Derby great. Rams fans and Forest fans still live on the past glories he bought us both. What better way to remember Old Big 'Ead than an annual memorial game between the two clubs?

Nathan, Sydney
I defo think a Statue is the best way. Its something Derby fans can look at and have pride in. Don't agree with re-naming stands or stadiums - especially when there's comercial pressure to get everything possible sponsored! A Statue somewhere around Pride Park is the way forward!

Phil, California
I think it would be fitting to have a memorial at Pride Park or in the city. But perhaps also something should be put right on the border between Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. The two counties may not agree on many things where football is concerned but 'Cloughie was a legend' is surely one.

Neil Hunt
A statue outside the main entrances at both Pride Park and the City Ground would be the ideal way to remember Old Big 'Ead. If not that, then possibly "The Brian Clough Memorial East Stand" at Pride Park??? R.I.P. Brian, may you be in peace at last.

christine ,Littleover Derby
name one of the roads on the new development of the baseball ground as the Brian Clough Way.

Great man, great loss to the world. He dared speak his mind, not just in the world of football, but to the establishment in general. He believed in what was right, and stood firm with his principles. A very sad loss, at a relatively young age.

An annual Pre-Season memorial match between Derby & Forest For THE BRIAN CLOUGH TROPHY

Rob, Derby
A statue at Pride Park is the simple but most effective way.

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