Electronic cigarettes: A gateway to smoking?


Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Kirsty Williams said there is "no justification" for a ban on smoking electronic cigarettes in enclosed public places and places of work in Wales.

The Welsh government is consulting on proposals for a Public Health Bill to include such a ban.

Ms Williams was leading a debate by individual members on 14 May 2014 when she said "I was supportive of the smoking ban" but that the main reasons used by smokers for using electronic cigarettes are "to help them stop smoking or helping them stay stopped."

She added that there is "no evidence" that they are a gateway to smoking.

Conservative member Byron Davies asked the Welsh government to bring forward the evidence of the dangers of electronic cigarettes.

Plaid Cymru member Elin Jones asked the Welsh government to commission research specific to Wales looking at electronic cigarettes and their effects.

In his reply the Health Minister Mark Drakeford drew the members' attention to the white paper and said that electronic cigarettes are "no more effective" than nicotine patches.

Darllenwch hwn yn Gymraeg

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