E-cigarettes are 're-normalising smoking'


Health Minister Mark Drakeford said that he is worried that e-cigarettes are "re-normalising smoking".

Mr Drakeford was answering an urgent question on 02 April 2014 on the public health white paper consultation when he said that the government had "fought a battle for 30 years" to show that smoking isn't "glamorous."

Mr Drakeford was also anxious that e-cigarettes are a "gateway product" which "end with a real cigarettes."

Conservative member Darren Millar said that many people use e-cigarettes "on the road to stopping awful addiction of cigarettes" and was of the opinion that sending them out to smoke in designated huts with cigarette smokers will prove too much of a "temptation" and also subject them to second hand smoke.

In his response Mr Drakeford said "I'd like to make it clear what the proposal of the White paper is and it is simply this, that the use of e-cigarettes in enclosed public places is to be brought in line with the rules of the laws that govern the use of conventional cigarettes. No more than that."

The National Assembly then approved the appointment of Nick Bennett as Wales's Public Service Ombudsman.

Mr Bennett, Group Chief Executive of the housing association umbrella body Community Housing Cymru, had been chosen as the preferred candidate.

As a public appointment it is subject to formal nomination by Assembly Members and final approval by Her Majesty.

Darllenwch hwn yn Gymraeg

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