Social Services and Well-Being Bill passed


Plans to overhaul social services and make access to care equal, wherever a person lives in Wales, passed their final vote on 18 March 2014.

AMs backed a bill aiming to simplify laws that regulate social care and make sure councils assess carer's needs.

Welsh ministers said the legislation was key to making social services "sustainable for generations to come".

It is one of the biggest and most complex pieces of legislation that has gone through the Senedd.

The bill will:

  • Allow Welsh Ministers to consider extending the range of services available, by making direct payments. That would mean that people have more control over the services they use.
  • Introduce a national eligibility criteria, ensuring that people are assessed according to their needs, rather than in relation to the services available locally.
  • Present mobile assessments, which means that people will have the right to have similar services if they move elsewhere in Wales, without having to obtain a new assessment of their needs if these have not changed.
  • Require local authorities to inform carers of their rights and the services available to them in their local areas.
  • Create a national adoption service to improve the outcomes of the placement of children.

Darllenwch hwn yn Gymraeg

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