January GCSE results are 'an injustice'


The January GCSE results "are an injustice" to people in Wales according to the leader of the Conservatives Andrew R T Davies on 11 March 2014.

Mr Davies was questioning Carwyn Jones to which the First Minister answered that there is a review underway.

Mr Davies said that 81 schools were affected by the "calamity" and that there was a decline of 18% in grade 'C' results.

Mr Jones said that he made "no apologies for raising the examining papers' levels" and said that Mr Davies' comment was "remarkable" from a "man who wants to cut education funding by 20%."

Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Kirsty Williams also questioned the first minister on English GCSE results to which he answered that it "is important teachers teach basic skills to children."

Carwyn Jones also said his preference is for an Assembly of 80 Members rather than the current 60.

But the First Minister conceded that the idea would be a "difficult sell" to the public, particularly without any reduction in the number of politicians in other tiers of government.

Mr Jones said he didn't want to see the idea of more AMs being linked to greater devolution.

"I'm not keen to conflate the idea that more powers means more politicians," he said.

Darllenwch hwn yn Gymraeg

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