Finance Minister's questions


The Welsh Government is working with unions to try and secure compensation for workers affected by blacklisting in the construction industry, the Finance Minister has said.

Jane Hutt said on 27 November 2013 that more than 110 of the 3,000 people on a blacklist drawn up by a consulting company were Welsh.

Speaking at Finance Questions in the chamber she said the First Minister had written personally to three companies involved in the Crossrail project where there were particular concerns to seek assurances that they rejected the practice.

All had responded by saying they condemned it, she said.

And she said the government was reviewing its own major suppliers to ensure they were not involved in the practice in any way.

Labour's Mick Antoniw AM said those whose lives had been "blighted" by being included on the list circulated to many large construction firms deserved compensation.

Ms Hutt agreed that the practice had "devastating" effects on those involved.

She said, "I am working with the unions to assess the compensation scheme that has been offered by eight companies."

Darllenwch hwn yn Gymraeg

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