'A need for clarity to the devolution settlement'


Labour member Mike Hedges said that a reserved powers model would provide "clarity to the devolution settlement" during a debate on 26 June 2013.

Jocelyn Davies from Plaid Cymru said that "as a mature country we are on a journey" and that we need to "seek further empowerment".

Julie Morgan from the Labour party said "we were glad to get devolution at all in 1997" but went on to say that "the 20 subject areas are a source of confusion".

Labour AM Keith Davies called for reserved powers and long-term membership for Wales in the UK.

During the debate the First Minister Carwyn Jones said it was "right that a reserved power model should come to Wales" and he rejected the argument to keep the old model.

Mr Jones said that the old model led to the first government bill ending up in the supreme court and that a reserved powers model would put us in the same position as Scotland and Ireland.

In his reply, Liberal Democrat Peter Black agreed that a reserved power model would give us more clarity and maturity.

Darllenwch hwn yn Gymraeg

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