Conservatives' debate: Airport


"We need airlines and destinations" to make Cardiff airport a success, the Conservatives told AMs in their debate on 19 June 2013.

Byron Davies, the leader of the debate said that the Conservatives wanted to pay back the tax payers and asked the government to outline plans, plans that had not been made public three months on from buying Cardiff airport.

Mr Davies said that he wanted Cardiff airport to succeed but that the government couldn't "trundle along" without a plan.

He was also concerned that there is no train link from Cardiff central to the airport.

Liberal Democrat Eluned Parrott asked for better analysis of the passengers who use the airport and of their business, she asked for the aviation strategy from the government to be detailed in these points to help make the airport a success.

Mick Antoniw of the Labour party accused the Conservatives of being the only people who questioned the buying of Cardiff airport.

Economy, Science and Transport Minister Edwina Hart said in her reply that aviation had a crucial role in Wales.

Leader of the Conservatives, Andrew RT Davies said in his reply that the north and south air link consumes a huge amount of public money, and that it was a shame that it couldn't be used on weekends to help with the tourist market.

He said Wales needs an international gateway to project a positive image of the country.

The motion as amended was agreed.

Darllenwch hwn yn Gymraeg

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