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"We need to see more women's sports on TV" said Sarah Powell from Sport Wales whilst giving evidence at the Communities, Equality and Local Government Committee on 19 June 2013.

Huw Jones and Sarah Powell from Sport Wales were concerned about the lack of women and girls participating in sport and the emphasis on men's rugby and football on television.

Ms Powell said that all their surveys had not come back yet but that they were looking at why girls are dropping out of sport in a school environment.

She said that the feedback at the moment was that girls would like to do more dancing but the environment was very important, for example changing rooms in schools.

Mr Jones said it was "fundamental in terms of making a difference" not to generalise what girls and women want.

He said that he would like a situation where a community provides for everybody and he recognises that this isn't the case especially in deprived areas.

This is a "big long term challenge" for Sport Wales.

Labour AM Ken Skates raised the issue that body image was a problem for women and girls participating in sport and that we need to see a cultural shift.

Mr Jones was aware of the issues and agreed.

He said that there were issues regarding clothing in PE lessons and he was disappointed that there are still "gym slip cultures".

His message was that 16 year old girls won't participate in this.

Ms Powell said that women want to look athletic but media only show one view and that the Olympic and Paralympic games showed how media can indeed show another way and show healthy role models.

Mr Skates also asked the same question to Anne Hamilton from the Welsh Sports Association.

He said that since the Olympic and Paralympic games an image has been conveyed for girls of Jessica Ennis with a six pack and "men like superman".

Ms Hamilton said that body image was an issue particularly for girls and schools are trying to address what they should wear in lessons.

Darllenwch hwn yn Gymraeg

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