First minister's questions


First Minister Carwyn Jones accused the Leader of Plaid Cymru Leanne Wood of making "misleading, untrue and wrong" claims during an angry exchange of words in the assembly on 4 June 2013.

Ms Wood denied the accusation, saying: "I have not misled this assembly."

All three opposition party leaders attacked Mr Jones' record on health during first minister's questions on 4 June 2013.

Leader of the Liberal Democrats Kirsty Williams went first, attacking the Welsh government for missing ambulance, cancer and A&E waiting targets.

"When will your government deliver the NHS that the Welsh people deserve?" asked Ms Williams.

Mr Jones said that the Welsh people are happy with the Welsh NHS and pointed to the results of the recent national survey to back up his claim.

But Ms Williams insisted that the NHS in Wales is falling behind its English counterpart.

She said: "The number waiting more than four hours is double that of England. 6% wait more than 8 hours. In England your Labour colleagues have accused the government of complacency. Isn't it the case in Wales that we have double the crisis, double the arrogance and double the complacency?"

Mr Jones said that the cancer and ambulance waiting times had improved since March 2013.

Continuing with questions on the NHS, Leanne Wood said that the Welsh NHS was a "wholly owned entity of the Welsh government" and asked the first minister to put an end to plans to reorganise services in the south Wales valleys.

"You can stop this now if you choose to do so," she said.

First Minister Carwyn Jones said: "There are no plans to close the A&E in Royal Glamorgan."

He accused Ms Wood of "misleading" the assembly by making that suggestion.

"I have not misled this assembly. Services will close as results of these proposals in the long run," said Ms Wood.

But Carwyn Jones insisted that she had.

He said: "She has said something misleading, untrue and wrong. She said A&E services would close and that is wrong. She then qualified that by saying 'in the long term', and unless she has a crystal ball… she is in no position to say how services will be developed in the long term."

Conservative health spokesperson Darren Millar claimed that Labour MP for Rhondda Chris Bryant and the Labour AM for the Rhondda and member of the Welsh government cabinet, Leighton Andrews, had also said that A&E services could go.

Mr Millar claimed the Mr Andrews had said that "services are disappearing" in a press release.

"Do you condemn their shroud waving in same way?" asked Mr Millar.

In response, Carwyn Jones said: "What is being suggested by the party opposite [Plaid Cymru] is that the A&E will close. That has never been suggested by Labour members in this chamber."

Darllenwch hwn yn Gymraeg

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