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9 October 2014 Last updated at 19:10

Finance Secretary John Swinney delivers his 2015-16 Budget Watch


Finance Secretary John Swinney gives a statement on the 2015-16 budget.

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Brian Taylor, Political editor, Scotland Article written by Brian Taylor Brian Taylor Political editor, Scotland

Two versions of a resignation story

She felt that Labour had demonstrably failed to grasp the true nature of modern Scottish politics, failed to realise the need to be truly Scottish, to put Scottish interests first, to align comprehensively with the wishes of the Scottish people.

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Douglas Fraser, Business and economy editor, Scotland Article written by Douglas Fraser Douglas Fraser Business and economy editor, Scotland

Grangemouth a year on: energy prices and business attitudes

The fundamentals of the energy industry are being up-ended by cheap, plentiful American energy. That's as the gulf between business and the public widens.

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SNP: 64. Labour 37, Conservative 15, Lib Dem 5, Green 2, Independent 4.

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