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24 April 2014 Last updated at 19:04

Salmond backs justice secretary Watch


Salmond says he has "enormous confidence" in justice secretary after corroboration "climb down".

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Brian Taylor, Political editor, Scotland Article written by Brian Taylor Brian Taylor Political editor, Scotland

Opposition puts Kenny MacAskill on trial localisation->translate("watch"); ?>

Rival parties use first minister's questions to attack Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill's handling of legal reforms

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Douglas Fraser, Business and economy editor, Scotland Article written by Douglas Fraser Douglas Fraser Business and economy editor, Scotland

The Shetland Dividend

Sullom Voe has brought immense wealth into Shetland coffers. It's a small model of what Britain might have done with its oil windfall. But it's also shown some some unexpected challenges and pitfalls.

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SNP: 64. Labour 37, Conservative 15, Lib Dem 5, Green 2, Independent 4.

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