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1 October 2014 Last updated at 18:55

Concerns about Scotland missing emissions target again Watch

climate change committee

Witnesses express concerns about Scotland missing emissions target for the third time.

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Brian Taylor, Political editor, Scotland Article written by Brian Taylor Brian Taylor Political editor, Scotland

Let's play a fun game of 'Duopoly'

Here is a fun game you can all play. Take David Cameron's speech today - and project its key offer forward to a time in which income tax has been devolved to Scotland.

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Douglas Fraser, Business and economy editor, Scotland Article written by Douglas Fraser Douglas Fraser Business and economy editor, Scotland

Oil's corroding pipeline

These are bumper times for the offshore oil and gas industry. But while there's record investment, costs have been rising at an alarming rate, so there's a warning about future tax take.

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SNP: 64. Labour 37, Conservative 15, Lib Dem 5, Green 2, Independent 4.

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