Salmond insists: 'It's our pound and we're keeping it'


Alex Salmond insisted "It's our pound and we're keeping it" under pressure from opposition party leaders to reveal a "Plan B", during first minister's questions on 7 August 2014.

Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont repeatedly asked for an alternative to a currency union.

"Each time I get a response but never an answer to the question that people are asking," Ms Lamont said.

The first minister said that the will of the Scottish people, the interests of the UK and likely transaction costs with an independent Scotland, would change minds at Westminster on sharing Sterling.

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson also pressed the first minister on the pound, saying "a currency union is not in his gift to give."

Page 110 and 111 of the White Paper on independence had all the alternatives to a currency union, said Mr Salmond, who repeated a currency union remained the preferred option.

Willie Rennie, the Scottish Liberal Democrat leader, accused the first minister of "not being fair with voters" by not naming his preferred alternative.

Mr Salmond again stressed that it was in the rest of the UK's interests to have a currency union and said the Bank of England was a shared asset and if the UK took all the assets it would have to assume Scotland's share of the debt too.

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