Swinney announces extra £1bn of investment in building projects.


Finance secretary John Swinney announced an extra £1bn worth of investment in building projects including schools, hospitals and transport projects, on 1 April 2014.

Mr Swinney said the money is being made available by extending the Non-Profit Distributing (NPD) method of funding.

He outlined the additional spending as a result of Barnett formula consequentials from the UK budget in a ministerial statement.

The finance secretary also highlighted extra spending to fund childcare, free school meals in the early years of primary school, the help to buy scheme and mitigation of welfare reform.

Scottish Labour finance spokesman Iain Gray said the allocation of additional money for childcare and free school meals was "a straightforward admission that the commitments made in January were never fully funded".

Mr Gray called on Mr Swinney to confirm the scheme to lift the Discretionary Housing Payments to fully mitigate the so-called "bedroom tax" was in place, following reports in some newspapers the cap was to be waived by the UK government.

Mr Swinney said the Scottish government had yet to hear from the coalition at Westminster, but he was still optimistic the cap would be lifted.

Conservative finance spokesman Gavin Brown said Mr Swinney had "stated that we still don't understand the capital cost implications of childcare expansion".

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