MSPs quiz economic experts on post-referendum economy


The Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee continued taking evidence in its third session of the day as part of its inquiry into Scotland's potential economic future after the independence referendum, on 5 March 2014.

Professor David Bell from the University of Stirling; Professor David Simpson and Professor Charlie Jeffery from the University of Edinburgh all gave evidence.

Professor Simpson, a Harvard-educated economist who has worked for the UN, World Bank, European Commission and Standard Life, had told the committee that a currency union was likely.

In a written submission, he said: "A currency union based on sterling remains the most likely outcome following independence because it is in the best interests of not just Scotland but of England as well.

"It has been suggested that to work properly, a currency union requires political union, but the historical experience of those monetary unions between sovereign states that have been successful provides evidence to the contrary."

You can watch part one of the committee's evidence session here: Economy Committee 1

You can watch part two of the committee's evidence session here: Economy Committee 2

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