Labour calls for review of NHS


Scottish Labour's health spokesperson Neil Findlay called for a "wide-ranging review" of the NHS in Scotland during a debate on 15 January 2014.

He highlighted increasing pressures on staff working in the NHS, including increasing sick days due to stress, the crisis in NHS Lanarkshire over mortality rates and quoted concerns from Audit Scotland, the Royal College of Nursing and the BMA.

Mr Findlay said the concerns of NHS staff should not be ignored and said the health secretary's response could not be to "stick his fingers in his ears", but rather should be to initiate a full scale review immediately.

Health Secretary Alex Neil hit back saying the call for a review was "absurd" and Mr Findlay's motion one of the "most lazy and vacuous" he had ever seen.

Mr Neil accepted the NHS faced pressures but said it "isn't the basket case outlined by Mr Findlay, far from it".

He said the budget for the NHS had increased by 27% under the SNP government and the only threat to that budget had been by Labour who had refused to commit to passing on all the health consequentials from Westminster prior to the election.

Scottish Liberal Democrat health spokesperson Jim Hume said a "full and costly review" of the NHS was not the best use of resources at this time.

The second part of the debate can be viewed below:

Labour NHS debate 2

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