Labour call for "radical and bold" land reform


Scottish Labour's rural affairs spokesperson Claire Baker MSP called on the Scottish government to affirm its commitment to "radical and bold" land reform on 5 June 2013.

Ms Baker expressed concern about the "narrow remit" of the Land Reform Review Group (LLRG) which was appointed by the Scottish government.

The group has just published its interim report as part of its re-examining of the 2003 Land Reform (Scotland) Act.

The Labour MSP said stakeholders were losing confidence in the LLRG and it had displayed " a degree of naivety" in its approach.

She said: "The work of the group is not to hear those who shout loudest or those who are best resourced."

Environment and Climate Change Minister Paul Wheelhouse stressed the group were independent of the government and said he hoped there would be consensus that land reform was needed.

Mr Wheelhouse announced the LLRG would be expanded from three members to five members and that there would be additional group advisors.

He insisted the government remained committed to land reform and that the LLRG was "fully resourced to carry out phase two of its review".

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