First minister's questions


Alex Salmond and opposition party leaders united to express condolences to the families of the three Scotland based soldiers killed in Afghanistan, during first minister's questions on 2 May 2013.

Cpl William Savage and Fusilier Samuel Flint from the Royal Highland Fusiliers, the 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment Of Scotland and Pte Robert Hetherington, of the 51st Highland, 7th Battalion, a Territorial Army member, died when their armoured vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb.

The rest of first minister's questions was dominated by the Scottish government's policies on currency and pensions if Scotland became independent.

Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont said the first minister's plans for currency and pensions were like the receipts from his Ryder Cup visit, "completely and utterly shredded".

Mr Salmond said the policy of keeping the pound in an independent Scotland would be beneficial to Scotland and the UK and added it was supported by "more Nobel laureates than you could shake a stick at".

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson asked if the Institute of Chartered Accountants Scotland were wrong about cross-border pension schemes in an independent Scotland, requiring fully funded pension schemes under EU law.

The first minister said an independent Scotland would not opt out of EU pensions schemes and said Scotland was in a stronger position over pensions than the UK, due to less liability in terms of social protection.

Willie Rennie, the leader of the Liberal Democrats asked if being under pressure from "friend and foe to wobble" over his currency policy, was Mr Salmond wobbling?

Mr Salmond hit back saying the biggest wobble in politics had been the Liberal Democrats role in "putting the Conservative party into power at Westminster".

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