Labour call for education secretary to apologise


Scottish Labour's education spokesman Hugh Henry called on the education secretary to admit there were college waiting lists and to apologise for previously saying they were a "false concept" , on 30 January 2013.

Mr Henry said that the Scottish government's interim report on the audit ordered by the education secretary and carried out by the Scottish Funding Council had confirmed that there were waiting lists.

The Labour MSP said it was "perfectly clear there are still waiting lists" and went on to say several colleges had also admitted waiting lists now.

He said Mr Russell "needs to eat some humble pie" and reverse the cuts to colleges and "give our colleges the money to do what they excel at".

The education secretary hit back saying Labour had to have this debate before the final report on the audit of "so called waiting lists", as when published, it would "expose as nonsense the highly exaggerated claims" about those allegedly awaiting places in colleges.

Mr Russell said the final results, published next month, would confirm "what I said, that this is a false concept presented in a way by the opposition to mislead students and it is utterly wrong".

Mr Russell decried claims from all the opposition parties about college waiting lists and accused Mr Henry of sending a "false and deceiving message".

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