Mickey Brady calls for a Newry southern relief road


Sinn Fein's Mickey Brady tabled an adjournment debate calling for a southern relief road in Newry, County Armagh, on 30 September 2013.

Mr Brady said there was a need for the road due to the traffic congestion in Newry city centre.

He said he appreciated the roads minister had a limited budget but there was "no harm in being hopeful".

The DUP's Jim Wells said the road infrastructure in the area provided the "ultimate bottleneck".

He asked the minister if cross-border money from the European Union, or money allocated for the stalled A5 road project, could be used.

Dominic Bradley of the SDLP said he was strongly supportive of the road. He said it was a project that would benefit the local economy and tourism.

He said he believed that people were put off coming into Newry due to the current level of traffic in the city. This was reiterated by NI21's John McCallister.

Regional Development Minister Danny Kennedy said he was "a very strong supporter" of the relief road project and was aware of the traffic problems Newry experienced.

Mr Kennedy said a study had shown the road was feasible but said its future progress was dependent on a number of matters.

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