Poots reaffirms support for Bamford recommendations


The UUP's Danny Kinahan used his adjournment debate to raise the question of consultation on care homes in residential areas in South Antrim, on 12 February 2012.

Mr Kinahan described the practice of transferring people with learning difficulties away from institutional living to living in care homes in well-established housing developments.

He expressed his support for the transfer from institutional living, as recommended in the Bamford review.

However, Mr Kinahan was concerned that there had not been sufficient consultation with existing residents.

He called on the minister to look at a possible "PR campaign" for Bamford and to consider introducing better consultation procedures.

Other MLAs from the South Antrim constituency expressed their support for the Bamford approach.

Health Minister Edwin Poots was disappointed that the debate had come before the house.

He said it represented "a backward approach" and "one that I do not want to be associated with".

Mr Poots said he wanted people with a learning disability to be "a fully integrated part of our community".

He said he would fully conform with what Bamford had recommended.

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