Communities and Local Government Committee


On 6 January 2015, MPs on the Communities and Local Government Committee took evidence on litter.

It was the committee's second evidence session for its inquiry on litter.

The inquiry is looking at how significant a problem littering and fly-tipping is, and whether current government policies are adequate, and give local authorities enough autonomy to tackle the problem.

According to Keep Britain Tidy, the cost of managing litter and fly-tipping is £1bn annually.

The committee is focusing on the problems littering causes for communities, what else local councils and government can do, and the role that individual citizens should have in tackling litter.

Evidence was heard from:

Panel 1

  • Cherry Lewis-Taylor, McDonald's franchisee
  • Giles Roca, director general, Tobacco Manufacturers Association
  • David Sedaris, author, broadcaster and campaigner on litter

Panel 2

  • Jane Bickerstaffe, director, Industry Council for Research on Packaging and the Environment
  • Jacob Hayler, executive director, Environmental Services Association
  • Martin Kersh, executive director, Foodservice Packaging Association
  • Alex West, senior manager for corporate affairs, the Wrigley Company

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