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MPs took evidence on policing and mental health, followed by an evidence session on police, the media, and high-profile criminal investigations.

The committee's inquiry into policing and mental health looks at what can be done to improve the use of police and mental healthcare resources to reduce the number of people with mental health problems who end up in a police cell rather than a hospital.

Evidence came from Inspector Michael Brown from West Midlands Police.

The committee's inquiry on police, the media, and high-profile criminal investigations will look at media reporting of high-profile criminal investigations, and the role of the police in such cases.

The inquiry was prompted by the reporting of the search by police of the home of Sir Cliff Richard.

The BBC says its journalists "acted appropriately" in its coverage but police have accused it of a "cover-up" afterwards over what it had known.

The search related to an alleged sex offence, which Sir Cliff denies.

MPs also raised the issue with David Crompton of South Yorkshire Police's role in the recent report on child sexual exploitation in Rotherham.

An independent report has severely criticised South Yorkshire Police and Rotherham Council after finding "at least" 1,400 children were sexually exploited in the town between 1997 and 2013.

MPs took evidence from:

  • David Crompton QPM, Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police
  • Lord Hall of Birkenhead, BBC director general
  • Jonathan Munro, BBC head of newsgathering
  • James Harding, BBC director of news and current affairs

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