May outlines proposed police reforms


Home Secretary Theresa May has set out a series of proposed reforms of the police force aimed at tackling police corruption and attracting the "brightest and best" into the service.

Police disciplinary hearings are to be held in public and a "single national policy" for police forces on whistle-blowing will be introduced, with proposals to write into law a whistle-blowing code of practice.

Mrs May also announced an immediate review of the entire police complaints system and indicated that she wants to expand plans for direct entry to the senior ranks of the police.

In a statement on 22 July 2014 Mrs May said: "Together these measures represent a substantial overhaul of the systems that hold police officers to account.

"They will build on our radical programme of police reform, and they will help to ensure police honesty and integrity are protected and corruption and misconduct rooted out."

Responding to the statement, shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper said the measures announced by the home secretary do not go far enough.

The Labour front bencher called for a "proper register" of chartered police officers and for the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) to replaced "by a much stronger body".

"It's supposed to be able to deal with things that go wrong in policing and it was better than the police complaints authority it replaced, but it has failed to do so because it lacks the powers, capacity and credibility it needs," Ms Cooper said of the IPCC.

While welcoming public disciplinary hearings, Ms Cooper questioned why control of disciplinary reform had not be handed over to the College of Policing, "giving them the power to hold public hearings and to strike people off?".

She told Mrs May: "Your reviews are too little and too late. We will work with you if you go further but we don't need just reviews, we need reforms that work."

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