Home Affairs Committee


On 1 April, members of the Home Affairs Committee are took evidence on two topics.

Firstly, the work of the Home Office Immigration Directorates - including those responsible for visas and for enforcement.

Then, the committee took evidence on reform of the Police Federation - the body representing rank and file police officers in England and Wales.

Before taking evidence from the minister, the committee held a short session on the case of A-level student Yashika Bageerathi, who was being detained in Yarl's Wood Immigration Detention Centre, pending deportation.

Yashika's mother, Sowbhagyawatee Bageerathi, Oasis Academy headmistress Lynne Dawes and constituency MP David Burrowes called for Yashika to be released in order to do her A-level exams. Yashika has since been deported to Mauritius.

Evidence was heard on the work of the Home Office Immigration Directorates from:

• James Brokenshire MP, Minister for Security and Immigration

• Sarah Rapson, Director General, UK Visas and Immigration Directorate

• Mandie Campbell, Director General, Immigration Enforcement Directorate

Evidence was heard on reform of the Police Federation from:

• Fiona McElroy, former Head of Communications, Police Federation

• John Tully, Metropolitan Police Federation

• Ian Edwards, West Midlands Police Federation

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