Miliband challenges Cameron over energy price freeze


David Cameron and Ed Miliband have clashed over energy bills and the cost of living, during a rowdy and heated prime minister's question session.

Mr Miliband opened by raising energy supplier SSE's decision to freeze domestic gas and electricity prices until 2016.

He said the prime minister's arguments against Labour's price freeze pledge had been "totally demolished", on 26 March 2014.

Mr Cameron said the freeze was "hugely welcome" and insisted price reductions and cuts had been made possible by government cuts to energy charges.

He quoted SSE as saying Labour's plan would do little to reduce the cost of supplying energy, and told MPs gas and electricity bills doubled under the previous government.

But Mr Miliband contended that energy prices are rising at double the rate of inflation, and accused the prime minister of not standing up to the big six energy firms.

Responding, Mr Cameron noted Labour voted against the government's 2014 Budget which contains "a £7bn cut" for energy costs, help for pensioners and savers and tax cuts for workers.

"Not a clue about how to help working people, not a clue how to run the economy, no clue about the Budget," he said of Mr Miliband.

The Labour leader countered that Mr Cameron would go down in history as the prime minister's who cut living standards across the parliament. "He will always stand up for the wrong people," he said.

The PM responded by listing the government's economic and achievements, and said of his opposite number: "A man with no plan, and increasingly no future."

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