Cameron accused of 'phoney' flood defence figures


Flood defence spending and climate change have dominated leaders' exchanges at prime minister's question time.

Opposition leader Ed Miliband quoted official statistics which he said proved that government investment in flood defences had fallen.

He said David Cameron had been "caught out" and urged him to revisit his plans, during the question session on 25 February 2014.

The prime minister countered that spending had gone up to £2.4bn, from £2.2bn over the previous four-year period.

But Mr Miliband said the figures were "phoney" because they ignored inflation and failed to give credit to money spent by organisations outside of government.

Mr Cameron said the Labour leader had "completely misjudged the mood of the country" which "should be coming together to deal with flood defences".

Mr Miliband later sought to highlight Cabinet divisions over man-made climate change.

He claimed the prime minister was at odds with the environment secretary and energy minister and asked the PM if he was happy to have "climate change deniers" in his government.

The opposition leader said Mr Cameron had to "rediscover his past convictions" and urge his party to "get real" on climate change.

But Mr Cameron declared that Mr Miliband was in effect praising him for his pro-environment stance.

He said man-made climate change was "one of the most serious threats" facing the UK and the world, and praised the government's "solid track record" on cutting carbon, investing in nuclear, and noting that the UK was on track to meet its renewables targets.

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