Transport Committee


The Transport Select Committee took evidence on the future of the UK's aviation strategy from the Chair of the Airports Commission Sir Howard Davies on 20 January 2014.

The Airport Commission published an interim report on developing the UK's airport capacity on 17th December 2013, which London Mayor Boris Johnson said was "severed from the evidence".

Sir Howard hit back saying "I dismiss the Mayor's comments completely. The Mayor has a particular view - that's where it starts and that's where it ends".

The report shortlisted options for increasing airport capacity which included expanding Heathrow, building a further runway at Gatwick and exploring options for a new airport in the Thames estuary, a plan favoured by London Mayor Boris Johnson. However it said that developing a new airport was unlikely to provide good value for money.

Sir Howard added that the Mayor's "colourful language" about his preferred option for increasing capacity, "does not help to illuminate the matter."

When the Transport Committee looked at aviation strategy last year they concluded that expanding Heathrow airport was the only realistic option, and rejected the idea of building a brand new hub airport in the south east.

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