Energy and Climate Change Committee


The Energy and Climate Change Committee took evidence from energy companies on price rises on the afternoon of 29 October 2013.

Some of the "big six" energy companies had been criticised by Energy and Climate Secretary Ed Davey for recently increasing their prices.

The energy companies have blamed external factors, such as wholesale prices, for the rises.

MPs looked at a range of issues during this sitting, including the reasons and justification behind energy price rises, differences in policies between energy suppliers and how transparency regarding energy company profits can be improved.

Evidence was taken from:

Panel 1:

  • Tony Cocker, chief executive, E.On
  • William Morris, managing director, SSE
  • Guy Johnson, external affairs director, RWEnpower
  • Stephen Fitzpatrick, managing director, Ovo Energy

Panel 2:

  • Neil Clitheroe, chief executive, Scottish Power
  • Ian Peters, managing director - Energy, British Gas
  • Martin Lawrence, managing director, EDF Energy
  • Ramsay Dunning, group general manager, Co-operative Energy

Panel 3:

  • Andrew Wright, interim chief executive, Ofgem

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