Adjournment debate


Labour MP and Home Affairs Committee chairman Keith Vaz has raised concerns about the accountability of police and crime commissioners (PCCs) in an adjournment debate.

The Home Affairs Committee has published its own register setting out the pay, weekly hours, other activities and staff costs for each of the 41 police areas in England and Wales.

It has called on the government to produce an official register of interests of PCCs to ensure accountability and guard against "maverick decision making".

Speaking in the Commons on 24 June 2013, Mr Vaz said: "We have to make sure there is a sound process in place for making the commissioners accountable."

"After all we will have to wait another three and a half years until the next election, and really nothing can be done until that election."

Mr Vaz added that the Home Affairs Committee would conduct a "major inquiry" into PCCs on the anniversary of their election.

Wrapping up the debate, Police Minister Damian Green said police and crime commissioners had made a "significant impact" since their election.

He said PCCs are already required to publish a register of their interests, including other paid interests, senior salaries, expenses and key decisions.

But it is not for central government to "establish and maintain" a national register of interests, Mr Green added, "as the public want to hold their own local PCC to account, not all 41 PCCs".

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