Stepping down


Lord Strathclyde has spent half his life in the House of Lords and nearly 25 years on the front bench.

This is made more remarkable by the fact that at 53, he is still younger than many of his fellow peers when they enter the chamber.

The Conservative former leader of the Lords, who stepped down in January, left front-bench politics to pursue a career in business and was replaced by Lord Hill of Oareford.

"I look ahead. I look to the future, I have a long horizon," he says.

"I never went into politics in the first place with the idea that this is what I would do for life."

After entering the Lords in 1986, he soon ascended the ranks and in 1988 served as a Junior Whip in Margaret Thatcher's government.

A string of departmental positions followed and in 1998 he became Leader of the Opposition in the House of Lords, following William Hague's dismissal of Lord Cranbourne over his secret negotiations with Labour on House of Lords reform.

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