Cameron: Labour has been taking 'policy-altering substances'


David Cameron has accused Labour of being unable to make "consistent" decisions, during exchanges at prime minister's questions.

Conservative MP Charlie Elphicke made reference to Labour's announcement that it will not reverse child benefit cuts if it is elected in 2015, during the question session on 5 June 2013.

"I know I've been the one on holiday in Ibiza but they've been the ones taking policy-altering substances," Mr Cameron joked.

"Last week they were in favour of child benefit, now they're against child benefit. Then they were in favour of winter fuel allowance, now they want to abolish winter fuel allowance."

Earlier, Labour leader Ed Miliband had focused his remarks on accident and emergency waiting times, saying: "There is a crisis in A&E."

He cited figures from the King's Fund showing that "number of people waiting more than four hours at A&E is higher than at any time for nine years".

"Can he explain to the country why A&E waiting times, which fell under Labour, and have gone up under his watch?" he asked.

Mr Cameron replied: "We are now meeting our targets on A&E but he has to answer this question - in England where this government is responsible we are meeting our waiting times, but in Wales where Labour is responsible they are not meeting their waiting times."

Mr Cameron's opposite number then went on to criticise his attendance at prime minister's questions: "He's had six weeks away but he's got no better at answering the question."

A report by the King's Fund has suggested the NHS has missed its waiting time target for the first quarter of this year, but the government has said Labour is partly to blame because of policies such as the renegotiation of GPs' contracts, allowing them to opt out of providing out-of-hours care.

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