MP raises concerns over 'gendercide' in the UK


The Department of Health should record the gender of foetuses aborted in the UK, when it can be determined, to find out whether the abortion rate for girls is disproportionately high, Conservative MP Fiona Bruce has said.

Introducing legislation designed to implement the policy on 16 April 2013, Mrs Bruce also said anyone who aids abortion on the basis of gender, which she said was already a criminal offence, should face tougher penalties.

Mrs Bruce said a "highly experienced" doctor in the field told her the practice is "fairly widespread" in Britain, having created significant gender imbalances in other countries such as China and India.

"It can never be simply a matter of choice to end the life of a girl simply because of her gender," she said.

"Here in the UK, a country which prides itself on striving for gender equality and on tackling discrimination in all its forms, any indication of this most fundamental form of gender discrimination and violence against women must surely be investigated further."

The bill received a unanimous first reading but is unlikely to make further progress without government support.

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