MI5 chief to step down


Home Secretary Theresa May told the Commons that Sir Jonathan Evans was to step down as head of MI5 next month, during Home Office questions on 25 March 2013.

Sir Jonathan joined the security service in 1980 and specialised in domestic and international counter-terrorism. He was appointed director general in 2007, succeeding Lady Manningham-Buller.

Mrs May paid tribute to Sir Jonathan's 33 years work with the security service.

"During this time his contributions have varied from investigating counter espionage, developing and implementing key policies on security and most recently countering the threat of international terrorism," she said.

"He has experienced the service evolving over the years and as director general has lead the service through particularly challenging times of change and unrest, including the aftermath of the 7/7 bombings."

Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper said: "We also give thanks for the work Sir Jonathan Evans has done over many years for the security of this country."

The Home Office team also answered questions on net migration and cybercrime.

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