Energy secretary confirms construction of new nuclear power station


Energy Secretary Ed Davey has confirmed that a proposed 3,260 megawatt nuclear power station at Hinkley Point in Somerset will be built by French company EDF.

In a Commons statement on 19 March 2013, Mr Davey said the project would create a workforce of up to 5,600 during construction.

There would also be a new by-pass road as well as a community package to compensate to people living in the area, he said.

Mr Davey told MPs: "I also recognise that as these works are carried out, those who live in the area may have their daily lives disrupted one way or another.

"This disruption is in my view outweighed in the final analysis by the benefits the project will bring - chief among these is the very significant contribution it will make to the achievement of energy and climate change policy objectives."

Shadow energy secretary Caroline Flint welcomed the announcement, telling MPs: "Today's announcement is an important milestone in the development of new nuclear build in the UK. There is no doubt about that.

"On behalf of the opposition, I am pleased to welcome it and reiterate our support for nuclear power alongside an expansion of renewable energy and investment in carbon capture and storage as part of a clean, secure and affordable energy supply for the future."

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