Three countries to face fisheries blacklist, Commission announces


Fisheries Commissioner Maria Damanaki has announced that she is formally recommending that fish imports from three countries should be banned.

In a statement on 26 November 2013, she said that imports to the EU from Belize, Cambodia and Guinea should be blocked, as the countries have failed to tackle illegal fishing.

"We import 65% of the fish our citizens eat and we would like to be sure that all this fish we eat is fished in a legal way," she said.

In an addition to a ban on imports, she said that "EU ships are not going to fish in their waters and there will be no cooperation with fishing vessels flagged from these countries".

Commissioner Damanaki also announced that formal warnings, known as "yellow cards", were being issued against South Korea, Ghana and the Dutch constituent country of CuraƧao.

She said that if these countries did not fully co-operate with the EU in improving sustainability, a similar ban would be recommended.

However she said that five countries that had previously received yellow cards - Fiji, Panama, Sri Lanka, Togo and Vanuatu - had made "good progress" and that fisheries relations would now be "normalised".

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