Voting session


MEPs backed an agreement on the EU's long-term budget during the daily voting session on 3 July 2013.

The compromise agreement, that was struck last week was passed by 474 to 193 votes.

The voting session also saw the confirmation of Emily O'Neill as the next European Ombudsman, beating five other candidates after three rounds of voting.

Ms O'Reilly is a former Ombudsman of Ireland and succeeds Nikiforos Diamandouros to the post.

Elsewhere during the voting session, MEPs voted to :

  • approve technical changes to EU laws on wheeled vehicles
  • give the go-ahead for Latvia to adopt the Euro
  • adopt a report by the Civil Liberties Committee that is critical of the fundamental rights situation in Hungary
  • allow 11 EU countries to go ahead with developing a financial transaction tax
  • adopt a report by the Economic Affairs Committee on reforming the EU's banking sector
  • approve changes to the rules on how the European Anti-Fraud Office tackles fraud and reject a proposals for further changes
  • adopt reports by the Budgetary Control Committee on protecting EU financial interests from fraud
  • pass new laws to deal with cross-border threats to health
  • freeze the auctioning of some CO2 emission permits to encourage low-carbon innovation, to allow for more time for negotiation with the Council of Ministers
  • postpone a final vote on changes to the UCITS directive on investment funds - including on pay and bonuses - to allow for more time for negotiation with the Council of Ministers.

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