The Week in Parliament


Alicia McCarty presents the highlights from Parliament this week.

It was the week that the Chancellor of the Exchequer presented his Autumn Statement to MPs, and insisted that growth was on the up once more.

But what exactly is an Autumn Statement, and what does it do? The BBC's parliamentary correspondent, Sean Curran, has his five essential facts about this staple of the parliamentary year.

Meanwhile a bill to bring in the recall of MPs was presented to the Commons.

Alicia chats to the man behind the bill - Zac Goldsmith - and one of the MPs who opposed it, fellow Conservative Peter Bone, about how the public should be able to deal with MPs who fall out of favour.

And it was thirty years ago that peers gave the green light to bringing in cameras to the House of Lords.

The BBC's Alasdair Rendall speaks to parliamentarians and political commentators to assess the impact of that historic vote.

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