Harold Wilson Night - viewing schedule


On the 50th anniversary of Harold Wilson's election as leader of the Labour Party, Peter Snow presents an evening of archive programmes and chairs a discussion on the first "TV prime minister", assessing Wilson's achievements and legacy in British politics.

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Full details of the night's programmes:

6.05pm: Gallery

First interview with Harold Wilson, hours after his election as Labour Party leader (14 February 1963).

6.15pm: Panorama: Election 1964

Richard Dimbleby presents a profile of Harold Wilson and Alec Douglas-Home on the election trail (19 October 1964).

6.45pm: Interview with Robin Wilson

BBC Parliament's Duncan Smith meets Robin Wilson who recalls his life as the eldest son of Harold Wilson.

7pm: Election 1966

A whistle-stop tour of the 1966 general election.

7.10pm: Devaluation of the Pound

Harold Wilson's now infamous "pound in your pocket" broadcast, (19 November 1967).

7.20pm: Election 1970

A whistle stop tour of the 1970 general election.

7.30pm: Yesterday's Men

Controversial documentary looking at Wilson's shadow cabinet in their first year of opposition following their election defeat at the 1970 general election, (16 June 1971).

8.10pm: The Making of Yesterday's Men

Interview with the producer, Angela Pope, and the presenter, David Dimbleby, of the 1971 documentary.

8.25pm: 1975 European Referendum

Extract from the referendum results programme, featuring David Dimbleby, Robin Day and Robert McKenzie.

8.35pm: Labour Conference '75

Harold Wilson's speech to the Labour Party Conference, (30 September 1975).

9.05pm: Harold Wilson's Resignation Interview

Former BBC political editor David Holmes interviews Harold Wilson following his shock resignation on 16 March 1976.

9.15pm: Interview with David Holmes

BBC Parliament's Duncan Smith meets David Holmes who looks back on his time as BBC Political Editor during the Wilson years.

9.30pm: Wilson's World

Peter Snow presents a studio panel discussion looking at the political legacy of Harold Wilson.

10pm: Friday Night, Saturday Morning

Sir Harold Wilson MP presents this 1979 edition of the late night chat show with guests Robin Day, Winston Churchill, Mike Yarwood and a special appearance by the former prime minister's wife, Mary Wilson, (19 October 1979).

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