MPs continue 'blacklisting' inquiry


MPs have continued their inquiry into the practice of blacklisting in employment, in a hearing on 22 January 2013.

The session was one of a series into the practice of potential employees being barred from work due to personal issues or employment history.

The committee took evidence from director of construction firm Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd, Cullum McAlpine.

In 2009, the Information Commissioner's Office raided the offices of an organisation known as The Consulting Association (TCA), finding that the owner of TCA, Ian Kerr, held details of over 3,000 construction workers, including details of trade union activities and employment history.

Mr Kerr died in December 2012. He had given evidence to the committee, where he alleged that senior executives from Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd were involved in the operation of TCA.

The firm has disputed the allegation.

A court case is ongoing and Mr McAlpine was asked to take the unusual step of giving evidence to the committee under oath.

The video of Ian Kerr's evidence to the committee can be found here.

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