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Mark D'Arcy, Parliamentary correspondent Article written by Mark D'Arcy Mark D'Arcy Parliamentary correspondent

Another election in the offing...

One heir reclaims his title; and another hereditary peer steps down.

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    16:00: Assad regime 'sub-optimal'

    Conservative peer Lord Balfe tells peers he believes Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad will survive his country's current civil war and calls on the government to be "realistic about Syria."

    President Assad will outlast any attempts to get rid of him as he has "the support of Russia and Iran" he Lord Balfe says.

    Assad's regime was "sub-optimal" but it was more stable than the current situation and the government should try to open diplomatic relations again with him once again, Lord Balfe adds.

    Lord Balfe
    15:47: MP 'hot-foots' it to park homes debate

    Apologising for missing a large part of the debate, Iain Wright, the Labour MP for Hartlepool, explains he has "hot-footed" from the committee rooms, where he has been scrutinising the Small Business Bill.

    15:38: Call for greater trade links

    Conservative peer and former banker Lord Selsdon urges the government to "develop and finance trade" with Middle Eastern and North African countries to help them release the potential of their natural resources to enable them to rebuild their "disabled societies."

    Developing oil and iron ore in the region countries could release "vast funds...which could be applied in an appropriate direction."

    Lords Selsdon tells peers that trade is important, so much so that the Koran states it is "the duty of every good Muslim to trade" but complains that "no one talks about it anymore."

    Lord Selsdon
    15:27: 10% commission is 'daylight robbery'

    Natascha Engel concurs with Conservative MP Bob Stewart's view that the 10% commission is "daylight robbery" - and adds her voice to calls for a review of the "extortionate" charge.

    The Labour MP says the review should also address minimum maintenance standards on sites, claiming that residents are "not getting anything in return" for the 10% levy due on the sale of their home.

    15:27: 'Not all doom and gloom'

    Labour peer Lord Soley, tells peers that it is not "all doom and gloom" in the Middle East, and highlights the cases of Bahrain and Abu Dhabi.

    Both countries, he says, have responded positively to the Arab Spring and are rebuilding their societies after listening to their people.

    Lord Soley, who tells the House that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was a former constituent of his, urges the government to "do all they can" to help the Arabic states.

    15:17: 'Fundamental injustice'

    Labour's Natascha Engle - who chairs the Backbench Business Committee - cites the 2011 Census as showing 160,000 people live in the park home sector, in about 84,000 thousands park homes across 2,000 sites.

    The Derbyshire North East MP describes the 10% commission as a "fundamental injustice" in the park home sector, particularly given that it is a "flat fee".

    15:05: Park homes campaigner

    Campaigner Sonia McColl, from Wareham, Dorset, helped win a change in the law for mobile home owners, and was appointed an OBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours list.

    Mrs McColl - who lives in a park home - led a successful mission to change a rule which meant park owners could prevent residents from selling their homes.

    The law had led to rogue landlords blocking sales in order to buy the homes themselves at a cheaper price.

    She is now campaigning against a 10% commission charge mobile home owners have to pay landowners upon completion of a sale.

    15:00: 'A case for more transparency'

    Making the case for a review of the commission charge, Annette Brooke says it would help to determine whether the current situation is justified, or if there is a need for change.

    "I am absolutely sure there is a case for more transparency," she adds, and argues for a review to be held "sooner rather than later".

    Annette Brooke MP

    Ms Brooke's call is supported by Tory MP Conor Burns, who intervenes to congratulate her on bringing the matter forward.

    14:59: What is a park home?

    Park homes - or mobile homes as they are also known - are modern, single-storey residential properties on private or protected sites.

    In July, park home residents from across the country marched on Downing Street to present a petition calling on the government to debate the commission paid on the sale of mobile homes.

    Campaigners want the government to reconsider the 10% levy home owners have to pay to park operators if they sell their home.

    14:57: Government needs 'a clear plan'

    The situation in Iraq and Syria is "complex and changing" Lord Sheikh says but he urges the government to have a "clear plan of what to do when the conflict ends."

    Lord Sheikh blames "millions of deaths" on the lack of a effective plan on what to do after Saddam Hussein was toppled in Iraq. "Defeating an enemy is not enough" he adds "we need a plan to win the hearts and minds."

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