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There may well be appearances by exotic species like the Eurasian Beaver, or even defenders of Tony Blair, in the Houses of Parliament this week.

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    14:57: Clearer labelling House of Lords Parliament

    Labour peer Lord Harrison urges the government to legislate for clearer labelling on wine bottles to show the different strengths of wine, in order to help supermarkets communicate with their customers.

    14:52: Extremist links House of Lords Parliament

    Labour peer Baroness Kinnock of Holyhead highlights what she calls Boko Haram's "very strong ties" with Islamic State and al-Qaeda.

    Lord Wallace disagrees, calling Boko Haram a specifically "Nigerian problem", which predates the current Nigerian administration.

    14:48: Boko Haram House of Lords Parliament

    Baroness Quin asks what the government is doing to rescue the Nigerian girls abducted by Boko Haram.

    Lord Wallace, speaking in his capacity as a Foreign Office spokesman, announces the government is increasing its military, intelligence and developmental aid to Nigeria to help the estimated "900 individuals" kidnapped by Boko Haram.

    @LibDemLords 14:46:

    Lib Dem Lords tweets: Fixed term parliaments @ptylerlords - points out that an enormous number of Bills are still going through parliament. Much work to be done! ‏

    14:45: No 'zombie parliament' House of Lords Parliament

    Liberal Democrat peer Lord Tyler dismisses arguments that this is a "zombie parliament" as "ridiculous" pointing out that there are 19 bills currently going through parliament.

    Parliament is working "really hard", he adds.

    14:40: Fixed term problems House of Lords Parliament

    Labour peer Lord Grocott has the first question in the Lords. Pointing to what he calls "inordinately long election campaigns" and a "past its sell-by-date House of Commons" he asks if the government agree that the Fixed Term Parliament Act was a mistake.

    Cabinet Office spokesman Lord Wallace of Saltaire says fixed terms parliament help limit governmental power over general elections and have allowed for greater planning.

    Lord Grocott
    14:40: NI Committee view House of Commons Parliament

    Chair of the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee, Laurence Robertson, gets to his feet to congratulate Theresa Villiers for bringing forward the bill before the election.

    He also pays tribute to her predecessor Owen Paterson.

    Mr Robertson tells the House that the issue of corporation tax was one of the first ideas that the committee looked at. The report produced by the committee recommended the devolution of corporation tax.

    "We felt the real benefit would be overwhelming," he says.

    14:25: Oral questions House of Lords Parliament

    The day beings with the oral question session to government ministers. Topics being raised today include:

    • the impact of the next general election date being fixed on 7 May 2015
    • government assistance given to rescue the Nigerian girls abducted by Boko Haram
    • government discussions with supermarkets about the range of strengths of alcoholic drinks they supply, and
    • the King's Fund Quarterly Monitoring report on the situation of NHS finances and services
    14:22: Eritrea and Ethiopia debate House of Lords Parliament

    During their dinner break, normally around 19.00 GMT, peers will debate recent events in Eritrea and Ethiopia and the impact on migration to Western Europe - Lib Dem Lord Chidgey leads.

    14:20: On-the-runs House of Lords Parliament

    Today's statement by Northern Ireland Secretary Theresa Villiers on the recent developments in the on-the-runs scheme will be repeated in the House of Lords to allow peers to have their say.

    Northern Ireland spokeswoman Baroness Randerson is expected to repeated the statement around 16.00 GMT.


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