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European Parliament live

    21:09: End of proceedings

    That's it from this evening's session.

    You can join us tomorrow morning from 09.00 BST for the fourth and final sitting of the October plenary session. Goodnight.

    21:09: Refusing to sign

    Insisting that refusing discharge as the "only tool it has it has it its disposal" to hold the Council's spending to account, rapporteur Tamas Deutsch asks MEPs to refuse to sign off the Council's accounts at the vote tomorrow.

    Tamas Deutsch
    21:03: Concluding comments

    Concluding that BEREC's accounts should be signed off at the vote tomorrow, rapporteur Petri Sarvamaa praises the discharge procedure as a process that ensures MEPs are "looking after European taxpayers' money".

    20:58: Europa building progress

    Slovenian Green MEP Igor Šoltes mentions a something mentioned in the report - one of the elements of the budget the Parliament is not happy with relates to the 'Europa' building, a redevelopment in Brussels currently under construction due to host future meetings of the European Council.

    Igor Šoltes

    The Parliament is asking for a progress report on the construction, a final cost projection and a "detailed breakdown" of the costs that have been incurred so far, which it says it hasn't yet had.

    20:45: Council report

    MEPs are also debating a report by Hungarian centre-right MEP Tamás Deutsch, recommending that the Parliament does not approve to discharge the 2012 budgets of the European Council and Council of Ministers.

    20:44: Signed off

    The discharge procedure for BEREC has already been approved by the Parliament's budgetary control committee - they voted on the report at the end of last month.

    The final sign-off for the accounts in the full session of the Parliament is scheduled for tomorrow.

    20:33: BEREC Report

    The report is recommending that the Parliament finally approves the agency's accounts for 2012.

    This was meant to have been done back in April, but the Parliament refused to do so because it wasn't entirely happy with the way the budget had been managed.

    20:27: The 'Discharge procedure'

    The "Discharge" procedure being debated is when the European Parliament gives its final approval to an EU budget for a given year.

    It gives formal approval to how the Commission spent its allocated money during the year; once it is granted, the budget is seen as closed.

    The Parliament's approval is given on a recommendation from the EU Council, and based on various reports that are put together by the Parliament, the EU's Court of Auditors and the Commission itself.

    20:26: What is BEREC?

    BEREC is a body that regulates the electronic communications sector in Europe. It was established in 2009 and is headquartered in the Latvian capital, Riga.

    20:20: BEREC Report

    MEPs are now debating a report written by Finnish centre-right MEP Petri Sarvamaa, about money spent in 2012 by an agency called the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications, or BEREC.

    Petri Sarvamaa

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