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    20:36: Deregulation Bill summary

    The Deregulation Bill passes committee stage after surviving several attempts by labour to scrap large sections of it.

    Plans to allow taxi drivers to lend their vehicles to family members when they are off duty - to "lift the burden" of having to run a second family car - were dropped from the bill by the government, with the view to introduce them later as part of a wider package of changes. Labour had previously claimed the reforms could put women and vulnerable passengers at risk of rogue drivers.

    The bill will now move to report stage in the House of Lords where peers will get another chance at scrutinising, and possibly amending, the bill.

    20:11: House of Lords rises

    The debate on Bosnia and Herzegovina has finished, which brings to an end the day's business in the House of Lords.

    That wraps up our live text coverage of today's proceedings in Parliament. Please do join us again tomorrow, when both the House of Lords and the House of Commons will return.

    20:04: Shared frustration

    Foreign Office Minister Baroness Anelay of St John's tells the House that she shares Lord Ashdown's frustration that Bosnia and Herzegovina is "at a standstill."

    She reassures the house that the government is "still active in the resolution of what's happening in the Balkans" and is "determined to move forward."

    Foreign Office Minister Baroness Anelay of St John's
    19:57: 'Success story'

    Responding to the debate for Labour, Baroness Morgan of Ely says she will try on "look on the bright side" of the situation in Bosnia.

    Baroness Morgan tells peers that the fact that the Dayton peace deal, the US-brokered act that ended the Balkans war, has led to an "absence of conflict" where there had once been years of war is a "success story".

    But, Baroness Morgan explains, Dayton also "bequeathed one of the most complicated electoral systems in the world" which "re-enforced" and "entrenched" ethnic divisions, and in turn led to Bosnia becoming "politically paralysed."

    Baroness Morgan of Ely Baroness Morgan of Ely
    19:37: Close of the Commons

    That brings to an end today's business in the House of Commons but do stay with us as we bring you the latest goings-on in the House of Lords, where peers are currently debating the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    19:37: Adjournment debate

    Transport Minister Robert Goodwill is responding to Cheryl Gillan's adjournment debate on HS2. He notes the MP's concerns about the compensation package available but insists it meets the government's policy objectives, which he lists as fairness, value for money, community cohesion, feasibility, efficiency and the functioning of the housing market.

    19:21: Recall round-up

    Although MPs unanimously agreed to pass the Recall of MPs Bill at second reading, there was much criticism of the government's proposals.

    Many backbenchers were unhappy that the mechanism gives parliament a role in the process - and pledged to support amendments by Conservative Zac Goldsmith to put the power solely in the hands of voters. The bill as currently drafted would leave the initial trigger in the hands of the Commons Standards Committee, which is mostly made up of MPs.

    19:12: 'Depressing' situation

    Concluding his speech, Lord Ashdown apologises to peers for using stronger than usual language in the House of Lords but tells peers he is "depressed" by the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    He tells peers that "for the first time" he cannot discount the fact that Bosnia might slide back into conflict and calls on the government to do more.

    "The threat is that Bosnia, unlike the rest of the Balkans which is moving forward, sinks into a black hole of corruption and dysfunctionality", he adds.

    Lord Ashdown
    19:11: Adjournment debate

    It's time for the closing debate of the day - known as an adjournment debate. It is on the compensation package for phase one of HS2, and is being led by Conservative MP Cheryl Gillan - a vocal opponent of the proposed high-speed rail link between London and the West Midlands. Adjournment debates usually last for around half an hour.

    19:10: Remaining orders

    The speaker rattles through the remaining orders of the day, after which David Morris, the Conservative MP for Morecambe and Lunesdale, presents a public petition on traffic calming measures on Glentworth Road East in Westgate.


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