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28 October 2014
Dance X

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video Introducing Phoenix - find out what Arlene and Bruno really think.

video Phoenix's Audition Dance

video Phoenix's Audition Song

video Phoenix: Something catches Bruno's eye!

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25 year old Phoenix lives in London. He grew up in Camden and was quite a rebel - getting expelled from school. After a few years and some careful thought Phoenix decided to go back to college to gain some qualifications and stumbled across a performing arts course that included dance. He went on the course and fell in love with dancing there and then.

Phoenix is currently in training as a dancer and teaches street dance classes in a gym in Mayfair. Phoenix has been working as a club dancer in London's Soho area for the past year.

Phoenix describes himself as a rebel and unconventional commenting "I can't have people telling me what to do." He has a unique look and style and comes across as very confident, which could be (and has been) mistaken for arrogance. Since trying to make it as a dancer he decided to give himself the Tag name "Phoenix" and the reason for this is that he believes it stands for resurrection and rebirth and this is what he, metaphorically speaking, believes he has done.

Your comments

How do you think Phoenix will get on in the competition? Use the form below to send us your comment and we'll publish the best ones on this page.

I don't know what people see in him. Sure we all like a rebel, but would you want to him close? NO NO NO - He is disruptive and hurtful and in no way a role model for our society, or is he? Bring back the gents Daniele and Kalvin

thank goodness you didnt go, team bruno should win every week you are great to watch. good luck for the final. xx

Omg he is gorgeous!!! on saturday when he had the white suit on oooohhh miii god!! he is so hot! xx

C'mon Phoenix! Keep your chin up and remember your fab!

Good luck Pheonix... You're the best and can easily win this... you've done brilliantly so far... keep up the good work... i'll be voting for you! xxx

You has some cool shiny black trackies on the other week, where were they from? Good Luck in the finals

jane hoops
If you can't stand the heat - get out of the kitchen. Or was it just a way to get more votes in this Saturday Night Pantomime.

You mysterious Phoenix.....You sparkles like a diamond...You are the best ever. Ciao

I think phoenix is so hot and talented love it when he smiles! Team Bruno to win!

i think phoenix is a true gent and not ashamed to show his emotions. He is very talented in both singing and dancin and will definitely go far. I will be rooting for ya all the way! good luck xxxx

Tamar (DanceX)
Goooooooooooooooooo! Phoenix!Love youTay x

Sheila H, from Fareham, hampshire
well done for sticking it out on saturday... you are a star in the making... you will go far. you have the lot!!!good luck for now and the future.

Jodie - Leeds
PHOENIX! keep on dancing and singing PLEASE! We need some real talent to entertain us. Thats what you are. REAL TALENT! Rana & Marquelle would be lost without YOU. YOU are the reason I watch. YOU ROCK THE NATION! GO TEAM BRUNO! KEEP SMACKIN IT!

so wots his real name then???

Peter Grant
What a farce when Phoenix staged his pathetic little drama. It is obvious he has no balls and can not be trusted when the heat is on .The old saying " the strength of a chain is the weakest link " is true and he is certainly the weakest link

glad you decided to stay, team Bruno needs you. Your a match for Daniel and Emanuel in team Arlene. Keep going.

Yes Phoenix is talented yes he is good looking but his attitude & behaviour is appalling no way would he ever get a job in the real world

Beckii Booh
You were great on sat phoenix so glad yooh stayed team bruno deserved to win! Team Bruno wouldn't be the same without yooh so hang in there.

Nataliie, Reading
Phoenix, you are unbealiveable you will go all the way and succeed in your dream on saturday. even if you were to fall at the last hurdle i can tell you that you will have a career in dance no matter what.GO PHOENIX!!!!

Phoenix you are awesome don't give up on your dream. When you dance, smile people are in awe of your talent and we salute you. Keep on dancing and never give up..... You make my day and make me smile

sheryl, leeds
keep ur chin up, phoenix, u're an amazing dancer!!! there's no need to feel like u don't know what u're doing there cos everyone can see why u're there!! all d best!! xp.s. will u also pls tell derek hough he is AMAZING - am a big fan from when he won world youth latin champions! thx

Phoenix u are way 2 talented 2 walk out u hold that group together ur all wicked but like Bruno said u r the rock without u this show wud b dull. Keep smackin it ur heavy ur group r realy sexy boi Rana is like a godess i love you all keep it real. VOTE TEAM BRUNO!!

Amy - Mansfield, Notts
Phoenix is amazing. His look, style, moves and voice. Just can't take my eyes off of him - goooooooo Pheonix x

tracy, dublin, ireland
I think Phoenix is a fab dancer and deserves everything that is coming to him. I was crying with him during tonights show, I am glad he stayed, you are gorgeous phoenix and a greawt dancer, good luck for the final xx

La Morena
Dope moves with Attitude! Wishing you every success with DanceX and wherever your dance path takes you.

I LOVE Pheonix, He is Magnificent, with his bad, Sly Self.He is so talented when he singz and dancez.Go Team Bruno, WOOHOO,WOOHOO

U should let your hair grow Phoenix, because a crew cut is too severe for your face. Some more hair would make u look better. I like your singing.

You thrilled me with that performance last week. This week too. YOU HAVE BLOWN MY MIND!!!

Louise from Yorkshire
Wow you dark horse - where did that fabulous voice come from? You really surprised me on Saturday. Get rid of the nerves and you'll knock 'em dead! I think a alot of the so called 'attitude' is down to you being shy and a little nervous and that's VERY appealing. I know you said you're a pussycat but don't lose that edge completely. I quite like the Tiger! You're one sexy fit guy who can sing AND move like a dream. GO Phoenix!

PHOENIX HAS TO BE IN THE WINNING GROUP - only wish you could pick the best from both groups!!

Sammy from Devon too!!
You owned that stage last night! Forget the others- all eyes were on u!! You performed soo well and your singin was top notch!! And my GOD u r goergous!! Keep moovin n groovin n u n all of Brunos team will win! Just do wat u did on sat 11th n u will win guys! I know that ur hearts r set on it!!

Pheonix is so hot when he moves sparkes keep flying off

Priincess JoJo
Phoenix is amazing! hes absolutly gorgeous and th song he and marcquelle sang last week was so good. just watchd his audition song aswel was brilliant! WE LOVE YOU PHOENIX... PHOENIX 2 WIN!!! x

darren k
talented yet so humble and as far as having a bad attitude? it's quite clear this guy is misunderstood :-) this guy is gonna be big - darren, london

I am sorry Phoenix but you just dont do it for me. I think you sang really well in the song MOONDANCE though.

miss minxy
Wow ... you can seriously dance, makes me wanna hit the dance floor everytime I watch you ! Just fantasitc, good luck with the competition xx anna

Van Morrison fanatic
Phoenix, sexy take on Van the man? You carried it off with such style. Lovely. And your voice is to die for. TEAM BRUNO!!!!!

Great tonight. (moon dance) Glad you smiling more, I was angry with the first 2 weeks results but you have to stay perfessional for the team and scream and throw things after the show!! Voting team bruno all the way!!!

sarah, kentish town
phoenix u are very talented the best dancer in both teams BY FAR, but last saturday i was absolutely disturbed by your behaviour, it was really SHAMEFUL, I see this saturday you have tried to be a bit more of a team player but you havent tried hard enough, arleens team will keep on winning if you dont help hold the team together. bruno sees u as the backbone of the team,u need to be united no matter what, u will see how things will change for team bruno.TEAM BRUNO TO WIN!!!!!

phoenix boy are you hot , you can come and shake me up anytime you want , your dancing is amazing and just wish you and marcell had been on arlenes team keep entertaining us gorgeous your going all the way xxx

phoenix is fit n team bruno 2 win! love his bad boy attitude!

bit concerned about the negative comments, i think if people can't give constructive comments then they shouldn't comment at all. I think phoenix is amazing!!! fit oh yeah and a great dancer!!! And as for the tantrums he's a human being like the rest of us!! Keep it real phoenix. xxxxxx

Phoenix was such a bad loser last week - he could lose his team votes with an attitude like that.

When I first saw Phoenix dance I thought he was very very talented indeed. But I'm afraid after watching the show on Saturday he goes way down in my estimations. Your attitude and behaviour on the BBC3 programme was embarrassing. You looked like a big kid who had thrown their toys out the pram. This competition is not for you. You are not a team player! You let everyone down on Saturday - yourself, your team and Bruno.

i like him because he is way sexy and he is a good dancer so go for it phoneix

Watched your audition song and dance. Wow! Can you move!!! Just love that warm spicey voice! Why can't we see more of you? You are hot! Love you! Love you!! Love you!!!

Rebekah Pee
Its great to see how someone can go from being a rebel at school to such a great sportsmanship. Pheonix is really good and i hope he wins for a lot of reason, But the main one bein when he looks back later on in life just noticing how he went from a rebel into a superstar xxx Goodluck Pheonix xx

A great dancer, but to make it in this industry you need professionalism and he showed a distinct lack of it on Saturday night. If he can refrain from throwing his dummy out his pram, he may have a better chance......

Sophia, London
Marry me please...

whatever happens on the show - you've made it Phoenix. Self belief is your strongest weapon & now we believe in you too, follow thwe dream it gives the rest of us hope x

Ricky c
act ur age m8! ur ment 2 b a role model 4 young dancers! should b ashamed of ur performance on dance x extra

You just ooze confidence when you dance and that makes you great to watch, you have so much talent. Show group Arlene next week what group Bruno is really about and come back fighting! :D x

Chris, Erith
Stop sulking lad - you will bring your team down with that attitude.

I think that 'Team Bruno' is never going to work as long as Phoenix is in it. His poor discipline and arrogant attitude will do him no favours and he wouldn't last 5 minutes in the 'real' world! - Grow Up!

John Prosser
This boy has a serious atitude problem. Just take a look at his body language when he sat with the rest of his group in Dance Extra. He may be talented and he may be hot but attitudes needs to change otherwise tensions within the group will lose them the competition.

Beth from Devon
I totally agree with Sammi! Phoenix is soooo inspiring and very hot! He is a cheeky minx and being a rebel shines in his dancing!! BRUNO'S TEAM TO WIN BABY!!

Carol - North Scotland
Phoenix is the reason I watched the show tonight and the reason I will wake up with a smile on my face tomorrow morning! xxxxx

Charlotte C =D
Phoenix is hot stuff! His voice makes me melt ^_^. He deserves more limelight as he's by far the strongest contestant there. Phoenix, I love you!xxx

Melissa x
Hes a wel gud dancer he luks wkd too //x x x x x x x

Sammi -devon
phoenix is hot totty and VERY NICE! He is extremely inspiring to others and the best there! His dancing is incredible and he is very hot!! The rebeliousness makes his dancing his own! Phoenix to win!!

Hey Phoenix,It's been a long time from growing up across the road from you, Jack and Hazel....Hope you all are well!Well done and good lucky from me and my bro!!! Well proud of ya!!Becky and Cid.x

Hey Pheonix !! u look like boy george on ur picture only 1 difference, he can sing !!!!

Zoe - Basingstoke
Phoenix has the whole package, He dances like a dream with complete sex appeal. His style and attitude will also make him as all girl's like a Bad boys! He will be BIG in the Uk and America x

Hello good lookin! You look amazing when you dance and you have a sexy voice. Wish you all the best on the show and in the future. xXx

When I first saw Phoenix I knew straight away he was going to be a hit witht he ladies! And its true he has turned out to be a star! 100% behind you! xx

i think phoenix is cute and he is not arrogant hes just beleives in himselfi think he will winxx


I went to fleet school with Phoenix! We used to argue alot over Michael Jackson, he said he like him more then me and said his mum swollowed a Michael Jackson record when she was in his tummy awwww! I didn't like you in school always thought you were a show off but i'm backing you all the way so good luck!!!

Rilez Hertfordshire :]
Phoniex might have been a rebel when he was younger and is still now but thats what makes him such a amazing dancer.Hes really fit too.

Phoenix... you are a smooooooooth criminal! Loved watching you tonight pal. Very sexy ;-)

I think phoenix will do great. Hes talented and looks great when he is dancing. Bruno all the way.

He's got the image that kids want! He's got good tune selection and can sing!He's far from ugly and obviously looks after himself!Good Luck! Glad to see you made the finals!

sarah, kentish town
hey phoenix!!!for me you stand out a lot more than the rest which is a good thing, you have a unique look and a great presence about you. just keep doing your thing and keep it moving..x

Pure talent got this guy through. Phoenix does'nt embrace emotional rubbish for the sake of a vote. That attitude has been mistaken for arrogance. As if ........He's an amazing sense of rhythm and style - a real artist who entertains,inspires, shines. Well done Phoenix,long may you grace our screens .

Go Phoenix GO!

Greg - Tabrez - Paulo - Pierre - Tommy
Camden boi! repping the ends rude boy! *GO PHOENIX* We are all behind u 100% you r a true star we belive in you! Repping Camden sides all the way!

Heather - Richmond
Phoenix you are the best I love you. A rebel reborn for sure!! I love a good badboy ;) especially the sexy 1s :)) I got a ticket of the net to come see you perfom saturday night @ the bbc studios!! cant wait!! Im gonna be screaming so hard you`ll notice me in the crowd lol anyway Phoenix until saturday.xx P.s do I get to meet you after? that would be awsome you are soooooo sexy!!! have you got a girlfriend? If not do you like blonds? lol see ya saturday sexy Phoenix!!! PHOENIX 2 WIN!!! TALENT TALENT TALENT!!! ATTIDTUDE ATTIDTUDE ATTIDTUDE!!!

Phoenix - We saw you perform 'Fashionably Loud' in Camden some time ago. You were amazing. You will win !

Kerry - east london
A contestant so confident, yet so humble! I felt Phoenix both earnt and deserved his place in the Dance X finals. I love this guy hes so sexy. needs more airtime tho!!

Phoenix your the best!! Keep up all the good work your AMAZING!!! I wanna see more from this guy he is fab and like Zoe said MORE AIR TIME!!!! Phoenix is so sexy I love the way he moves he talent is overpowering ive never seen talent like this befor!!! and I no hes gonna

Pierre - London
Those backflips were amazing!!! Looks like Phoenix has the skills to back up the attitude!

hey phoenix jus wanna say good luck babe i no u will win im behind u 100% i no your sister hazel me and her going to do our best for you to win ok jus be yourself and dont worry about any of the other contestant they aint got nothing on you ok . good luck natasha (camden town)

great moves Phoenix! keep that rebelliousness etc in check for now.

If he had a haircut, personality transplant and a new face, i still wouldnt want him to clean my floor.

Charlotte Malon
Pheonix is sexy!!!Pheonix to win!!!Pheonix I

Jenna - Essex
I love Pheonix he is the best, this guy has talent sexy appel and a real sence of style. He only started dancing at 18 and hes at that level of control its unbalivable I love this guy he has the rawist talent brought to the bbc. Such control strength and sence of rethum is amazing!! I vote Phoenix to win all the way he is

Vanessa Hamond
Good luck Phoenix,I think you will do great your unique style and talent will take you to the finals. Cant wait to see more from you!!!Phoenix to win!!!p.s I think your cute to :) keep smiling mwaaaaah xx.LOVE~PHOENIX.xx

Phoenix will surprise you... A bright angel's halo rests upon those cheeky devil horns of his...The strongest dancer in the competition in my opinion.

Tooooo much attidude.needs to chill out a bit !

Emma Hoy
Pheonix is SUCH pure talent, he lives and breathes dance and is 100% committed. He is also totally gorgeous - you cant take your eyes off of him!!!!

Helen - London

Phoenix to win!!!

All Rise for The Fabulous Phoenix...xxxxx

Zoe, London
He can go all the way! We didn't see enough of him on the BBC 1 show, please make sure he gets more airtime!!! The best is yet to come...

Jamel, London - Kennington
A rebel reborn, I think this guy has alot to offer. He definatley looks the part and has the moves! lets see more of him

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