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28 October 2014
Dance X

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Marie McGonigle


video Introducing Marie - find out what Arlene and Bruno really think.

video Marie's Audition Dance

video Marie's Audition Song

video Marie: Did her cheeky song got her through?

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Bright, bubbly 23 year old Marie is proud to say that she's from "a family of gingers". She lives at home in Kent with her mum Caroline, dad Michael and twin brother David. Marie also has an elder brother who's just had his third child.

Marie doesn't have a permanent job but does a range of 'helping out jobs' to bring in money. These include working with her mum at a college for people with learning disabilities, teaching dance to primary school children and helping out at a local theatre.

Marie is from a very supportive and musical family. Her mother and father both play the piano and all the men in her family play the guitar. Marie loves music and grew up listening to Jimi Hendrix, the Doors, and the Beatles. Her father has always played in pub bands so performing is something she has grown up around. Marie herself writes songs, plays keyboards and sings in a band with her twin brother and a friend.

Marie got into dancing when her mum took her and her twin brother along to ballet lessons when she was just three. In 2005 Marie left Masters College in Kent after studying performing arts and majoring in dance.

Marie has been in a relationship with 22 year old old biker Dan for two and a half years. Dan is very supportive of her chosen career path and just wants her to do well and be happy!

Your comments

How do you think Marie will get on in the competition? Use the form below to send us your comment and we'll publish the best ones on this page.

Marie, You have a great core stability, a wonderful professional solid stage presence and polish. You deserve to go very far. Enjoy the ride!Loads of luck

We're all great Marie fans here, what a refreshing change from all the blonde, long hair - her personality shines through. From a fellow short-haired, redhead - go the reds!

I think she is the best all round dancer/performer but she barely gets a mention on the live shows

Muse Rock
Marie is so awesome and shes my favourite dancer in team Bruno! Go 4 it Marie! and i like gingers :)

She just gets better and better with each week! Such strong stage presence! You go girl!!!

Pure rock chick. Amazing dancer and I love her style, she is fab!

I wish someone would point out to Bruno that Marie's voice is much richer, more tuneful and much MUCH nicer than Clare's...I would pay to listen to Marie but NOT CLARE. Sorry.

What ever happens in this show I think Marie has that special something that will take her far.

I think Marie in stockings, a basque and bowler hat belting out Liza Minnelli "Cabaret" songs is my idea of Heaven..musical theatre is where you belong.

Hey Marie,long time no see.... you are wicked,and am so glad u out of everyone at 'miss deborahs' made it.... ill always remember our friends dance! xxxx

Emily chapman
Your great mate! Personality is so important and you got it mate!And you got the talent so i hope you go all the way. I missed the last show and hope to see team bruno party at the end of the final on saturday x Good luck!!!!

I think that Marie would make a very good 'Sweet Charity'or similar as she reminds me of Shirly Mc Lean on stage. Although I have no idea if she has had any acting experience perhaps she should think about it.

Marie!! You're a girl with a beautiful personality and you're a wonderful dancer - just do the other girls a favour and try not to dance to close to them - you're so much better you'll make them look bad!

I hope that marie goes far. She deserves to as she has brilliant dancing moves and a fantastic voice-ALL THE WAY MARIE! and team bruno!

Shes bubbly n brings good laugh to bruno's team u can win

Ted & Carole
If you want spice in your life add "ginger" and you, Marie. certainly have it.Go GIRL GO!!

Well done Marie, you really move with enthusiasm in every dance. You smile lots and enjoy yourself. The camera doesn't show enough of you, it always cuts away too quickly :(oh, I think you're pretty hot too ;) x

I've worked with this girl and believe me if anyone deserves to win it's this girl! She's gorgeous, talented and in my opinion is the best of the bunch, definately the most down to earth and original! Marie to win all the way!

Bec Clarke
Oh my GOD! Marie!!!! Saer told me you're on this, wowwwww!! Mega impressed and love the hair.....lotsa love :0) Bec x x x

Marie, WOW, wot can I say.She is great and highly surprising she makes me wanna get up and dance.

I find this Patsy Palmer lookalike irritating. Bruno should let her go soon.

To Marie. I have been watching DanceX from the start and you have always been my favourite. I also love you hair!!! VOTE TEAM BRUNO!!!!!! Cloclo xxxx

Hey Marie - just to say you look right at home up there on the big stage. Always knew you could do it, I hope you go all the way. Vote Marie!!!

Rock Chick
Marie is the most unique contestant in the competition. She has a great look and a truly wonderful spirit. Really like her dancing/singing, she always stands out to me. What a girl! Great Music taste too! Best of Luck Marie, you deserve it hun!

Gail Gardner
Stunning. She makes you want to watch her every move. She finishes her moves, extends her arms and is a true professional - she covered up a fall so well I didn't notice it! I have a daughter who is a professional dancer so I do know a little of what I am talking about and you are amazing. You Go Girl !

Jay and Laura
Hey Marie, you're doing so well, always knew you were going to go far, you're so unique! Well done xx

Well done for covering up ur fall so well that I missed it!!!! True professional.Good luck!

Marie your a stunner, fiery hair fiery personality and creates fire on the dancefloor!! Marie 2 Win!!!!!!!

Best of the best! Go for it Little bit of rock chick makes saturday night t.v worth watching! Good luck Marie hope you win it !

Francesca- Kent
Who wouldnt love you!? your amazing and hilarious we love yu! ... chess n lid xxxxx

you have been strong to get this far you also have been smiling and giving it your best shot your my number 1 super star

Not sure if you read these, but the Lion girls are watching; you're doing really well, don't worry we won't reveal any of your barmaid disasters! x

I love you Marie - my one and only sweet cheeks - how will Mr bangers go on with out his Mrs Mash? I miss ya loads!!Keep Strong one of my Fav Dance Partners!

Marie, you are proving to the world that you are the best dancer and singer that there ever has been!! Didn't I tell you you would be when we were in college!! Heehee! Go for it my Egg! Keep rockin Bruno's socks off!! Mwah xx

Marie wow!! you outshone everyone well done,you were brill, the best performance yet, keep going girl, looking forward to more of you, love the hair more pics on here please.

U ROCK MISSY! go ginger :) your dancing is amazing and your sining aint half bad either! plus im loving the hair XD its fab! well i hope u go far xxxx

Tamar (DanceX)
Marie- Whenever you talk about your ginger hair on t.v, I always think of that joke you told me when I was nervous before going in to see Bruno and Arlene...Marie-"Tamar... what am I?"-(Marie stands with her arms over her head in an oval shape, hands together, her face beaming)Tamar"Er... I don't know, a ballerina?"Marie"Noooo!"Tamar(confused) "Well, what then?"Marie"I'm a baked bean on a spoon"Ha ha ha!Miss you baked bean head.Tay x

Mac Sis
We always knew that one day we would be able to say "we know that Ginger!!!" Everyone is behind you dude we are so so proud!!!! Over and Out

You're a real rock chick Marie and you have so much talent in you. I think you have just as good a voice as Claire and I hope you get to show it off next week! Bring group Bruno back fighting! x

come on team bruno!!you were brilliant on saturday marie!! good luck! we'll be supporting you all the way!! xoxo

Hey babe, it's Aaron, just wanna say I'm soooooo proud of you. Everyone from Traf that I've spoken to is supporting you all the way.All the best,Hugs and kissesAaron

Wow! You took my breath away tonight. You're goin all the way Marie. Keep it up for the gingers :)

Legs up to her neck,WOW!

Made it through the first one, Bruno's first choice so it's looking good! Was out with Dan last night and we had a little chat about you, I'm sure you can win! Still trying to get tickets to make you a big banner! Go Go Team Marie!

By far the most beautiful on the show! Shes the only one who you can focus on.... sooo good!

Marie,You are without question a very talented dancer who just happens to have more than your fair share of sex appeal and those legs are to die for. I want to see and hear a lot more of you. X

Sue Edgar
Good luck Marie , best wishes love from your neighbours the 'Edgar's' x

Change her hair cut keep the colour and she'll be fab. At the moment it looks like a mullet.

JJ's mum May
Hey Marie so impressed with you - please just believe how good u r and you will go far. I dont think you realise your talent - look where u are - Arlene and Bruno love you - You have given me a reason to stay in Saturday night - I am really rooting for you as are all my friends in Glasgow GO McGONIGLE !!!!!

Caroline Walker
Dear Marie,All our thoughts are with you as you prepare for tomorrow. Smerdon has made you a massive banner for your family to hold tomorrow. All the service users help make it too! All the Centre is right behind you! Go for it! Right from the heart! You just show them Girl! Take care more cards from me and the boys are on the way, sorry about Ethan's spelling! Caroline and FreddieXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Sarah - Exeter
Rooting for you Marie! So lovely to have a real woman with real skill and real sense of humour on there!I never watch reality tv, but you caught my eye while 'flicking through' and i'm hooked now to see you win! Wish i could hug you!Sarah xxx

Mum, Dad, Paul and David
We are all so proud of you sweet cheeks.Enjoy yourself and have a ball.Come on team Bruno!

The dazzler
Marie is simply amazing!! She's an incredible dancer, has a wonderfully distinctive voice, is absolutely stunning and is just the loveliest person i've ever been lucky enough to meet! Miss ya sweetcheeks!! GO MARIE!! xxx

Codie, Aidan and Grace
Auntie Marie we love you and shout for you on the t.v..Can`t wait to come and see you.Love you lots and lotsxxxxxxxx

Hey my ginger dude! You were fantastic Saturday! xxxxxxxxxx

I LOVE her hair, enough said

Amazing Marie, i was so impressed! xx :)JJ

Alison-singing teacher
You have a good singing voice Marie.You dazzled on Saturday and your look is great.

Caroline Walker
How proud I am to know you Marie!We nearly broke our sofas when Bruno picked you! We have a display of your pictures in our window, hope you don't mind! Wish we could get tickets to come but they are so scarse! Good Luck for saturday! Hope you liked the card!

MarieShe completely owned that stage - made an instant impression both visually as well as with her stunning vocals and equally stunning dancing.A real rock chick.I wish her all the luck in the world for the rest of the series as well as for the rest of her career - deserves to be really big....

Hannah Knight
Marie is so unique and talented in this competition. I know she'll do really well and really deserves it- she's absolutely crackers but sooo lovely and genuine. You go girl! xx

Joanna Power
Good luck Marie. you're doing great! Dont let anyone put you down or make you nervous! Just do your thing and enjoy every minute of this! Got everything crossed for you!! xx

Haze & Coddy
Go girly! We wish we could dance like you (especially Coddy)! Wishing you all the luck in the world, you're fabulous!We'll be watching every show...Lots of love from Haze & Coddy (your Pendulum pals) x x x x

You're like a little Punk Pixie - I think you're cooool Marie!

Carl (Panto Buddie)
Hey Sweet Cheeks!!! We'll that was a shokka seeing your explosive face and grooves on telly! Well who'd of thought it from 'Waking up together cos it was a beautiful morning' to booging to the beatles, like we did in Lloyds that time! Heres to great Mk Panto memories. Keep in contact babe my details are the same, ie My Space or Mobilee. Best wishes for the Show my little S*T*A*R. xXxXx

Loved your style tonight, you little ROCK chick! I was a little worried that your fabulous high kicks were gonna split those skin-tight trousers though... ! he he he!Tamar (Dance X)

Emily, Paul and Sarha
Wow, what a performance.. the singing and dancing topped off with personality and charisma makes her a favourite to win. Go Marie!

me mr drummer boy! in the band THE TROUBLED, marie has alot of talent. specially in music and dancing!!!! go girl!!! great singer! chrisxxx

hollie mayes
go for it marie,she was fab and still as wacky as ever, do it for us gingers luvs ya xxx xxx

Peter Clements
I had no idea Marie was going to be doing this, I wish her all the very best with the competition and congratulations for getting this far!

Sophie Smith
Marie and I have been best friends since we were 15 and have learned a lot whilst together! Everyone at school knew Marie would make it! Here she is! Vote for Marie - she will not let you down! Technically she is perfection and I know that Marie is the most modest and nuttiest person in the world, she deserves it! Go GINGBARB and have a 'lovely day'! (she will know what I mean!)

Jane Spearman
I went to dance school with Marie, and she lives just around the corner from me and i think she is a talented individual that will bring something unique to DanceX! she deserves to do well! all the best sweetie!! xx

Jessica Smith
Good Luck Marie, I have known Marie since school and I always knew she would go far! Fantastic dancer and singer, one in a million! xxxx

You shake that tail feather Marie! Love the new hair. Talented and hard working, just keep feeding her fish fingers and she'll wipe the floor! x

Patsy Palmer in disguise?

Rob C
I think Marie brings something very different to the show….Individuality! Not only is she insanely quirky but what you see is what you get!!! Go Ginger Ninja!!!!

Like a little firecracker, Marie lights up the stage and sizzles in performance! You will fall in love with her unadulterated charm.

Dan - boyfriend
Marie is ace! Arlene is wrong about her 'soul'. The only thing marie wants to do in life is to dance and perform. She is a genuinely nice person and I am sure she will go far in this competition! love you xx

Clare Saunders
I think Marie is amazing!!! Everyone should vote for her, she is such a fantastic singer and dancer and she is going to be my bridesmaid!! Go for it hun, The eggy one!! XXX

Mr Rob
Good Luck Marie! Now you can finally break free from Zoe Ball's shadow...

Sue Leeds
Marie was fantastic, I love her hairstyle.

Lauren Smith
Im sure Marie will do well. She has alot of talent and a fantastic personality to match. I know she will do well. Good luck xxx

What a dancer! What a looker!

Christine Barry
I'm sure Marie will do great. I have known her since she was 3 in a little pink leotard - and she partnered my own daughter Victoria for about 10 years! I have watched them win loads of choreography competitions. Go girl!

Caroline Walker
I have known Marie for the past seven years and the rest of her family. She is a very talented lady and also very knid and caring. My children adore her! We really wish her well in the competition and will be glued to her screen. She is a young lady with alot to offer! Love You Marie XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Vicky Barry
Marie is going to kick ass, just watch this space. From your fellow ginger friend! xxx

Marie's the BEST! She has style, appeal and talent. Go girl !

Debbie and Sam Cripps
Having seen Marie perform with her band and in dance shows we know she has the capability to breeze through the competition!! Good luck Marie, we're routing for you!! xxx

i think she has a fantastic vocie.

I think that Marie was great, what a voice! After the first show she is my favourite.

I like her, she's my favourite so far!

Great!! she's a lovely girl who should go far

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